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Outdoor Blog

  • Episode 017 | Advice and Tips for Beginner Hikers

    The tables were absolutely turned in this episode of the Pursuit of the Outdoors. After interviewing Andrea from Ladybirds on the Loose, she then interviewed me as we chatted all things tips for beginner hikers such as where to find general hiking information including more specifically track and trails. We also discuss my thoughts on...
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  • Mount Rosea Return – The Grampians

    Before the weekend, I had only visited the Grampians once but it is fast becoming a favourite place of mine to go hiking. The first of two hikes saw 10 of us from The Hiking Society MeetUp group hike just under 10kms to Mount Rosea. The peak is a smidge past 1000m in elevation and the...
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  • Enlightened Equipment Down Quilts

    While most people tend to opt for a sleeping bag as part of their sleeping system, I opted for a down quilt made by the good folk at Enlightened Equipment. At the time I was looking for something to sleep in at night, I really wasn’t sure if I wanted a sleeping bag. Some of...
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  • Hiking Gear: Good Weight vs. Bad Weight

    I don’t know about you, but every time I came back from a multi-day hiking trek in 2015, I constantly reevaluated what hiking gear I brought with me from the perspective of what I did and didn’t use. Eventually, I widdled it down to a list of gear that I really couldn’t go without regardless...
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  • Episode 004: Decisions

    In this episode of the Pursuit of the Outdoors podcast, I discuss decision making in the outdoors. Right now in Melbourne, we are copping a heavy downfall of rain which has kept everyone from enjoying a hike or camping trip. However, regardless of where you are located, making the right decision in the outdoors regardless...
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