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  • Dehydrated Sweet Lime Banana

    In preparation for this weekend’s adventures, I got the dehydrator out and decided to make something I haven’t made in awhile – dehydrated sweet lime banana. It’s such an easy snack to make and the finished result tastes absolutely amazing. Ingredients 2 x standard size bananas Small bottle of lime juice (can use lemon juice)...
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  • Woolrich Lookout to Valley Picnic Ground Circuit

    If there is one place in the Dandenong Ranges I would recommend to go hiking in, it would have to be RJ Hamer Arboretum in Olinda. This stunning area was where one of The Hiking Society’s MeetUps took place on Sunday; hiking from Woolrich Lookout to Valley Picnic Ground and back. In terms of the...
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  • La La Falls Return – Warburton

    Not the most challenging walk you will ever do, the La La Falls return hike in Warburton is a 3.5km track that climbs gently to the falls. At the base of the track is a reasonably sized car park with your usual information board about the hike itself and surrounds. There is nothing overly difficult...
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  • Sawyer Select S2 Water Filter: Review

    Disclaimer: I was given a Sawyer Select S2 Water Filter by Sawyer to review. In no way, shape or form did this influence my review of the product. Recently, I was incredibly lucky to be able to head out to the Cathedral Ranges and test out the Sawyer Select S2 Water Filter drink bottle. But first,...
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  • Keppel Lookout Via Steavenson Falls

    Without a doubt, the jewel in the crown of hiking in the Marysville area would have to be the Keppel Lookout via Steavenson Falls trail. A near-on 15km hike, it takes in some amazing views of the surrounding Marysville area via Keppel Lookout. As well as some of the main attractions in town – Steavenson...
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