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  • One Does Simply Walk Into Mordor: Day Six

    Day six (January 1st, 2016) was our rest day after hiking three days on the road and two days in a forest. By now we had hiked/hitchhiked 149kms, so, as you can imagine, we were in need of a well-earned rest. As previously mentioned, we had made our way to the Waihaha Hut in the...
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  • Mount Erica Trail Return

    Whilst up at Mushroom Rocks over the weekend, I took a side trip up to the nearby Mount Erica. Starting from the rocks, the trail takes you north-west towards Mount Baw Baw and on an average uphill elevation of 362m according to WikiLoc. The trail itself is flat from Mushroom Rocks, and becomes gradually steeper...
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  • Are We Hiking or Bushwalking?

    Whilst out in the You Yangs over the weekend with our MeetUp group, a conversation came up with a lady in the group as to whether we were hiking or bushwalking. In her opinion, she felt that bushwalking should be used to describe day trips, whilst hiking should be used to describe multi-day trips. However,...
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  • Review: The Warburton Motel

    Disclaimer: the owners of the Warburton Motel gave me a nights accommodation in exchange for this review. However, this did not sway my opinion in any way. This past weekend, and in amongst all the hiking I did in Warburton with the MeetUp group, I was invited to stay for a night at the Warburton...
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  • What Helps You Decide Where To Go?

    For the better part of 2015, I was training myself both mentally and physically for a 10-day trek across New Zealand at the end of the year. Prior to that trek, the longest trip I had done was about 2-3 days. So, as you can imagine, I really had to get myself in the best...
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