One Planet Ned Hybrid Backpack

one planet ned backpack

one planet ned backpackOne Planet Ned Backpack

If there is one thing you need to last the distance on a multi-day hike, it’s a durable backpack that will do everything you need it to do.

A good backpack is expensive, however, it is the type of gear that you need to spend a reasonable amount of money on because it needs to carry all your gear safely from point A to point B.

My current backpack is the One Planet Ned Backpack ($459 RRP). It’s tough, it’s rugged and has copped a hammering over the last couple of years and has yet to fall apart.

I don’t even think there’s a scratch on it. It’s made from waterloc canvas and canvas binding, and while it is probably heavier than most backpacks (it weighs 2.7kgs), it outperforms many when it comes to durability.

I think two of the best things I like about this backpack are the internal straps and the two water-bottle pockets on either side.

To begin with, the internal straps are great for keeping your tent inside your backpack should you be doing a multi-day hiking trip.

It keeps it straight and doesn’t allow it to move around much when the straps are tightened.

I typically put a few softer items in at the bottom such as my dry sack with my quilt in it, and extra clothes to act as a cushion for the tent.

one planet ned backpack











Secondly, the side pockets are great for storing water bottles but also other items such as external battery chargers or snacks.

I typically use it for other items other than water as I use a Source Hydration Pack for my water supply and that fits snug inside my pack with the hose resting on my shoulder.

However, I will carry an extra bottle of water should I need it for cooking during the evening or morning, or if need to be carrying extra water.

Aside from the two side pockets, the backpack includes several other pockets that come in handy for a variety of items.

At the top of the of the One Planet Ned backpack, there is a compartment that is great for carrying smaller items such as spoons, lighters, a compass etc.

Inside are three compartments (one large and two small) that can be used for a number of items.

In this image, the larger pocket is at the bottom and the two smaller pockets are on the top.

This is where I typically keep items such as maps, my first aid kit and other smaller, important items that I don’t want getting damaged.

one planet ned backpack
The Exact Fit harness system is convenient and comfortable and is the only rucksack harness to be endorsed by the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia.

When it comes to safety and the level of impact this feature puts on your body, you know you’re in good hands when a governing body such as the CAA is endorsing it.

It’s easily adjustable to suit any body shape and is available in eight fits and three back lengths.

one planet ned backpack

While this backpack is expensive and probably heavier than others on the market, it’s durability is a big plus for me.

There is nothing worse than going out on the trail and having your backpack break down on you because you’ve been bush bashing too much and it’s copped an absolute hammering.

Be prepared to spend some dollars on a good backpack because it’ll be worth it. If you’re in the market for one, you could do far worse than a One Planet Ned backpack.


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