Cleaning Your Dish Without a Scrub Brush

If there’s one thing I am constantly seeking in any of my hiking and camping gear, it’s versatility.

One thing I always pack on a multi-day hike are wraps, and they are always full of hummus as a spread and Babybel Cheese among other yummy things. From eating so much Babybel Cheese, I discovered the little net the cheese pieces come in can also be used for something else – a scrubbing utensil.

To begin with, let me give you an insight into some of the items I brought with me on my first overnight hike: two jumpers made from cotton, plenty of pairs of socks, too much food, one of those multi-use tomahawks from Anaconda (which was never used) and weighed about a kilo, and a kitchen scrubbing brush to clean my dinner plate.

Yes, I know, it was absolute overkill. But the beautiful part of it was that I learnt what I needed and what I didn’t need for future trips, and have planned accordingly ever since.

So, once I discovered that the net from the Babybel Cheese was a highly convenient replacement for your household kitchen scrubbing brush, I haven’t used anything else since.

It’s lightweight, convenient, and, best of all, it makes life easier when you’re trying to get all those sticky bits off your pan or plate.

Finding multiple uses for one item can make life a hell of a lot easier on the trail and can reduce your pack weight.

Even if you’ve only reduced the weight by a couple of hundred grams, it can make all the difference in having a comfortable hike instead of an uncomfortable hike.

What about you?

What hiking and camping items do you use that have more than one use? Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below.

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