ArmaSkin Anti-Blister Socks Review

This is a sponsored post for which I received an ArmaSkin product to review.

I was pretty chuffed to be contacted by the good folks atĀ ArmaSkin during the week and asked to review their anti-blister socks.

So, given I was hiking the Mount Macedon Walking Trail today, I thought there was no better time to field test them.

And, I can honestly say, they are absolutely amazing.

If there is one thing that causes maximum discomfort out on the trail it would have to be blisters.

The smooth outer fabric will absorb any friction created by foot movement within your hiking boot, whilst the Si Fusion Hydrophobic inner pushes any and all moisture to the outer layer keeping your skin dry.


Once I put my pair of ArmaSkin on, they clung to my foot much like a pair of Skins would. They aren’t restrictive by any means, but they are a snug fit.

I think what I really like about them is that despite the smooth material, my socks – particularly around the ankle area – didn’t slip down whatsoever. They were almost a magnet for my socks.

I typically get blisters on the heel of my right foot and underneath my big toe, and I’m happy to report that I’ve come back from my 18.5 km hike in Mount Macedon blister free!

I would highly recommend these ArmaSkin anti-blister sock liners to anyone who is having issues with blisters when they are out hiking.

Despite the fact that they might be a fraction snug for some people’s liking, they do exactly what they are meant to and should be included in your hiking backpack regardless of where you are headed.

ArmaSkin Anti-Blister Sock Lines come in long and short-form, as well as black and white. They retail at $39 AUD. They can be found at

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