The Werribee Gorge Circuit

Werribee Gorge Circuit

For those of you who have never been there, the Werribee Gorge Circuit is located in the west of Melbourne and is just over an hour’s drive from the CBD.

The hike itself is nothing short of amazing. We began from Quarry Area picnic ground and were instantly met with a rocky path that was largely uphill and enough to get the heart rate up and about.

You’ll find that most of the trail’s terrain is quite rocky which means you’ll need to concentrate quite a bit on the downhill sections. in my opinion, it’s not overly hard.

However, in my opinion, it’s not overly hard and someone with a reasonable level of fitness could easily do this.

Werribee Gorge Circuit

Moving along, we found ourselves on a flattish section but were quickly met with another hill that would take us to our first stop – the Eastern Viewpoint.

This area opens right up and allows you to see the height of the Gorge off in the distance as well as surrounding areas.

After a few photos and taking in the amazing scenery, we carried onto the Western Viewpoint which had just as good scenery as our previous stop.

From here, the path descends into the Gorge itself where the track follows the river in a south-eastern direction.

What I really enjoyed about this section of the circuit was Needles Beach and the regular rock hopping.

Werribee Gorge Circuit

There is a section that is quite narrow and the only way to walk it is by holding onto the steel rope that is bolted to the wall. It’s always nice to navigate a trail in a different manner to what you’re normally used to.

The rest of the circuit was a relatively straightforward with one more uphill section from Meikles Point picnic area back to the cars.

Werribee Gorge Circuit

Overall, this hike was absolutely brilliant for a number of reasons. The people who came along were all such great people and had various levels of hiking experience. Furthermore, the scenery and trail itself were great.

If you like rocky terrain, spectacular views and rock hopping, then make sure you get out and do the Werribee Gorge Circuit sometime soon.

As usual, if you want to download the trail I recorded via Wikiloc, check it out here.

The Stats

Length (km): 7.78kms (according to WikiLoc)
Time: 2hrs and 45mins (moving time of 2hrs and 17mins)
Average Speed: 2.81 km/h
Difficulty: Moderate (Grade 3)
Return/Circuit/One Way: Circuit
Location: Werribee Gorge
Maximum elevation: 352m (according to WikiLoc)


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