Olinda Falls and Valley Circuit

Today The Hiking Society MeetUp group went out into Olinda and completed the picturesque 16km Olinda Falls and Valley Circuit.

If you have never done this walk before or have never been to the town of Olinda, I would highly recommend doing either. Whether hiking is your go, or good food and coffee, Olinda has something for everyone.

We started our hike at the popular Woolrich Lookout. I’ve found that most people begin their hikes and walks from here and for obvious reasons – the views are amazing! It also makes a great place for a picnic or somewhere for the kids or dog to run around for a bit.


Following Dam Road down into the forest, we soon found our way heading up onto Sequoia Track. One thing to note with this entire area is that there so many trails leading off in all sorts of direction, so ensure you keep an eye on your map.

Next, we took the Rock Track, a brief section of the Blackhole Track, and then descended into the KC Track.

After completing this section and climbing our way over several fallen down trees, we finally came to the T intersection of Rifle Range Gully Track. Out of all the trails in this area, I think this one is my favourite.


It’s quite dense and is located in the very heart of the forest. You get a real feel for the entire area in this section alone.

After stopping for a break at the end of the Rifle Range Gully Track, we made our way to the Olinda Falls where the waterfall itself was flowing quite well. Typically, it’s not much to look at so it was nice to see it in all its glory today.

We continued on a few more tracks and a section of road before coming back into the forest via the VW track. For those of you who haven’t done this section before, it’s a gradual incline and can be a little deceiving if you haven’t done a whole lot of hiking before.


We made our way back onto Bartlett Track, cut back through Barges Track, onto Georges Track and then made our way to the Valley Picnic Ground.

Unfortunately, time was against us today so we were unable to stop and really take in the Valley Picnic Ground. However, if you are ever in the area with your kids or you are looking for somewhere to stop for lunch, you won’t find a much better place than this.

After navigating a few more reasonably steep hill climbs, we found ourselves ascending to Woolrich Lookout and back to our cars again.


The trail itself is a really good one and takes in some of the most popular spots of Olinda and the RJ Hamer Arboretum.

Depending on your fitness levels and hiking experience, the Olinda Falls and Valley Circuit probably rated anywhere between an easy to medium hike.

Tip: bring plenty of water and plenty of food. Also, make sure you stretch plenty before you begin. Those hills can really get you!

If you want to download this hike from my WikiLoc account, click here.

The Stats

Length (km): 15.71 (according to WikiLoc)
Time: 4hrs and 24mins
Average Speed: 3.57 km/h
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate (closer to moderate for your average hiker)
Return/Circuit/One Way: Circuit
Location: Olinda
Maximum elevation: 510m (according to WikiLoc)


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