Mt Lofty Circuit – Wonga Park

Mt Lofty Circuit

Located in Wonga Park at the end of Reserve Road, the Mount Lofty Circuit is a 4.5km easy stroll through the Warrandyte State Park.

And for all you beginner hikers or casual walkers who might be reading, this hike is absolutely suitable for you.

Mt Lofty Circuit

As mentioned, the entire hike itself was very much a stroll and therefore a great place to go for anyone and everyone who is a beginner hiker.

The Mt Lofty Circuit Walk is well marked and formed and follows the Yarra River quite closely.

There are shorter tracks sprouting off from the main track that will take you down to the riverbank should you want to a break here and.

With only a little variation in the track with respect to hill climbs, the gravel track is relatively easy to follow.

Mt Lofty Circuit

And the great thing about this walk is that within about 45 minutes to an hour, you will already be at the base of Mt Lofty.

But, don’t let the name deter you!

It’s hardly a mountain and more like a grassy hill with a well-formed management track running through it.

It’s a gradual ascent to the top and the views there are absolutely spectacular. You’re able to see into parts of Lilydale, the surrounding areas of Warrandyte and Mt Dandenong.

After taking some photos of the views and stopping for a food break, you can continue on the trail and make your way back to the trailhead car park.

Mt Lofty Circuit

As mentioned at the start of this article, the Mt Lofty Circuit Walk is fairly easy and well suited for those who are beginner hikers or those who would prefer an easier hike.

If you have more time during the day, be sure to visit the side trails that take you closer to the Yarra River.

If you want to download this hike from my WikiLoc account, click here.

The Stats – Mt Lofty Circuit Walk

Length (km): 4.5km (according to WikiLoc)
Time: 1hrs and 13mins
Average Speed: 3.66 km/h
Difficulty: Easy
Return/Circuit/One Way: Circuit
Location: Warrandyte State Park

5 Responses
  1. Inneke

    Thanks, John,
    for organising the walk. My first time to Warrandyte State Park, and absolutely agreed that within a short stroll, we had unblocked and spectacular views…

  2. Inneke

    Hi John,
    Thanks for organising this walk. My first time to Warrandyte. Absolutely agreed, within a short stroll, we could enjoy unblocked and great views.

    1. John Feeney

      You’re most welcome, Inneke. So glad you enjoyed your first time in Warrandyte. Hope to see you again some time soon 🙂

    1. John Feeney

      Hi Rob, certainly is. I think the last time I was there, we saw about 20 of them near the Mount Riddell sign post. It was incredible. Do you get out there often?


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