Dehydrated Sweet Lime Banana

dehydrated sweet lime banana

In preparation for this weekend’s adventures, I got the dehydrator out and decided to make something I haven’t made in awhile – dehydrated sweet lime banana.

It’s such an easy snack to make and the finished result tastes absolutely amazing.


  • 2 x standard size bananas
  • Small bottle of lime juice (can use lemon juice)

dehydrated sweet lime bananaMethod

  1. Cut up bananas into thin slices
  2. Squeeze a reasonable amount of lime juice into a bowl
  3. Place the slices into the bowl
  4. Leave them to soak for a minimum of 5 minutes and ensure both sides get a generous coating of the lime juice
  5. Cutting out some foil or baking paper, place it in the dehydrator and place the slices on the tray; evenly spreading them out.
  6. Dehydrate

Now, despite leaving the dehydrator on for 8 hours for the dehydrated chilli con carne I made recently, you don’t necessarily have to leave it on for that long with the dehydrated sweet lime banana.

dehydrated sweet lime banana

From memory, I’ve always left it on for about 4 hours which should be enough time for everything to dry out and for the banana slices to absorb the lime juice.

What I love about this snack is that the finished product is pretty much lime banana chips and is a healthy snack for when you are out on the trail.

Put it in a ZipLoc bag, seal it up and away you go!


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