What Helps You Decide Where To Go?

For the better part of 2015, I was training myself both mentally and physically for a 10-day trek across New Zealand at the end of the year.

Prior to that trek, the longest trip I had done was about 2-3 days. So, as you can imagine, I really had to get myself in the best shape possible to do this one.

Every chance I got I went hiking and camping, and would often choose longer trails and gradually increase the weight in my backpack to replicate what I was going to do at the end of the year.

So, pretty much all the hikes I did last year were long distance and most of them had hills of some description.


Now that that trip has been done, and I don’t have a big trip planned anytime soon, the reason I get out there now is to simply explore new areas.

Most, if not all, my hiking has occurred in the eastern region of Melbourne. However, with The Hiking Society MeetUp now in full swing, I find myself driving just about anywhere and everywhere to find new places to go.

But what about you?

What helps you decide where you go hiking and/or camping? Is it as simple as wanting to go somewhere you’ve never been before? Or do you have a bigger trek planned for the future and want to train for that?

Whatever the reason, I would love to know! So feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below!

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  1. Vince

    Great article!

    I had been doing a lot of bushwalking through winter with like minded friends because the weather was so great and I increasingly found that it is such a great way to blow off steam and relax after the working week. Bushwalking is the best way I know to achieve the life/work balance that we all seek.

    I had planned to really step things up during spring with a view to increase my fitness in preparation for a three day hike from Spicers Gap to Teviot Gap in Queensland’s Main Range National Park. Unfortunately, I tore a calf muscle while jogging a few weeks ago and I’ve been out of action ever since.

    It’s just a setback though; I’ll be back out there as soon as I can. My hiking boots and backpack are ready and willing to go!

    1. John Feeney

      Hey Vince, thanks for the comment and taking the time to read the article. Super excited for you about your upcoming trek. It’s so nice to get out and hike for the sake of hiking, but it’s even better when you’re getting your body and mind ready for multi-day trek. Be mindful of your calf, mate. They can be a pain in the arse to get right, especially when you are planning on hiking.

    1. John Feeney

      That’s a good friend you have there, Ashley!

      Thanks for reading our blog.


      The Hiking Society

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