A Bird on the Australian Alpine Walking Track

Australian Alpine Walking Trail

Lucy ‘Bird’ Thorpe is a 27-year-old outdoor enthusiast who is about to embark on the Australian Alpine Walking Track this coming Tuesday.

The Australian Alpine Walking Track is a 655km trek that stretches through the alpine areas of Victoria, New South Wales and Canberra.

However, despite the distance, Bird (as she prefers to be known as) plans to complete the trail in 35 days.

Unlike most who do the trail, Bird will start from Canberra and hike down to her childhood home in Walhalla.

Australian Alpine Walking Track

“Normally you start in Walhalla but I like the idea of walking home,” she says.

Her love affair with the outdoors started at an early age where she and her family would regularly go on outdoor adventures.

“My mum likes walking for thinking and my dad is really into environmentalism, so we’d go on nature walks,” she says.

“From there, it progressed into Scouts and eventually Venturers because of ‘the Queen Scout award’.”

Australian Alpine Walking Trail

It was in Venturers that she really began to take up ‘proper hiking’.

“The main one that really inspired me was the Overland Track in Tasmania, and we did some training up at Mount Howitt and Mount Speculation (for that),” she says.

Bird says she draws her inspiration for wanting to do the Australian Alpine Walking Track from her dad who had previously completed the walk.

She remembers some friends and her casually mentioning that they would all do it one day, but it wasn’t until her dad had done it that it became more of a reality for her.

“When my dad did it a couple of years ago, I thought it’s actually (more) achievable than I thought.”

Australian Alpine Walking Trail

Furthermore, Bird cites the other reason for wanting to take on this trek stems from an emotional need to get back to herself ‘that was before’.

Her preparation for this hike can only be described as non-conventional, and almost full of risk, but she says this is her way and it works for her.

“After my last trip (on the Bibbulmun Trail in Western Australia), I reaffirmed to myself that I am confident and I know what I am doing.

“I’m physically fit enough; I know what food and supplies I need…and I’m going to use my dad’s plan as a skeleton plan as well,” she says.

Her advice for others who are wanting to do this hike is that they should seek out as much information as possible and do plenty of practice hikes beforehand.

One aspect of hiking she feels is important to her, and has empowered her with all her adventures, is that it doesn’t judge.

“When you go hiking, you meet people in the same situation…you’re raw, and dirty and stinky, and you’re exactly who you are and that’s fine,” she says.

“You can just be true to yourself…and that gives people a lot of power.”

Australian Alpine Walking Trail

So, for a 27-year-old female to go on such a lengthy trip by herself would typically beg the question: are you scared?

“It’s really not that dangerous,” she says. “Because when you go hiking you plan for the worse, but when you go walking down the street you don’t plan for the worse.”

We wish Bird all the best in her upcoming adventure on the Australian Alpine Walking Track and, hopefully, we will get to hear all about it when she returns.

You can check out her amazing images on Instagram: @mindscape_uncut

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    1. John Feeney

      Hi Ben, thanks for your comment. I have had an update on her progress. Unfortunately, she suffered an ankle injury whilst on the trail. From my understanding, she got over half way.

      I’ll be doing a follow up piece on her very soon. Thanks for keeping touch 🙂

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