Review: Campers Pantry Freeze-Dried Food

campers pantry

Disclaimer: I was given a few packets of freeze-dried vegetables from Campers Pantry for the purpose of reviewing them.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done an article about hiking and camping food, but I’m glad I held out for this one.

I was lucky enough to be contacted recently by Campers Pantry founder Andrew Jenour who was kind enough to send me some of their freeze-dried vegetables to review.

First of all, let me fill you in on who Campers Pantry are and what they are all about.

campers pantry

They are an outdoor company who ‘simply take fresh Tasmanian vegetables and freeze dry them’.

Their products are designed to be easy additions to your meal, as well as being lightweight, nutritious and really easy to store.

Furthermore, upon adding water to them, they are rehydrated within a couple of minutes.

Why Freeze-Dry Veggies

Campers Pantry use this method because they believe it to be the most effective drying method when it comes to food preservation.

It’s also a method widely used in the food, pharmaceutical and health industries.

Not only that but they believe it to retain the flavour and the nutrients of the vegetables themselves.

campers pantry

My Review

I can’t argue with any of what they believe in as I believe their product to be tasty and full of flavour.

I was fortunate enough to receive beans, peas and parsnips as my side dishes, and they combined well with my Continental Alfredo pasta and tuna soaked in olive oil.

I used the beans and peas for dinner on Saturday night and the parsnips on Sunday morning for breakfast.

You get quite a generous amount in each bag, particularly given the price they retail at (anywhere between $5.95-$7.95).

campers pantry

As someone who is used to dehydrated meals, I was pleasantly surprised with how the freeze-dried vegetables turned out and how they combined with the rest of my meal.

Furthermore, I’m all about convenience and the bag they come in is resealable which is great if you wish to save some for a future meal.

I would recommend Campers Pantry to any hiker or camper who is looking for their fix of veggies whilst out on the trail or on an overnight camp.

Visit the Campers Pantry website here for their product range and a few suggested recipes.

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