Reids and Two Dams Track – Bunyip State Park

bunyip state park

The second hike of last weekend saw 10 others and myself from The Hiking Society MeetUp group walk the Reids and Two Dams Track in the Bunyip State Park, Gembrook.

Located not too far from the Windy Point Track, Reid’s Track begins near the Nash Creek Campground in the north-west region of the park.

The entire track is 10.1kms in distance and follows wide formed paths that are mostly gravel.

Starting out from the campground car park, walk about 50 metres west on Black Snake Creek Road.

Take a left onto Reids Track and follow a gentle uphill climb past Watsons Track until you come to a fork in the road. Turn right onto Two Dams Track.

Bunyip State Park

This section of the track continues the hill climb for a brief period until it drops away sharply. Take your time on this section as it can be quite slippery on the gravel.

Walking on a flat surface, Two Dams Track merges onto Helmet Track and you are once again faced with another hill climb until you get to the junction at Burgess Road.

This is a perfect spot to have some lunch and a break after all those hills.

We continued on Burgess Road, passed the Mulberry Track and came to a hairpin corner which is the start of Jonas Track.

bunyip state park

And guess what you are confronted with almost immediately? Yep! Another uphill section! However, it’s only a short hill.

After conquering the hill, the track flattens out and then it’s downhill all the way on Jonas Track until you come to the t-intersection of Reids Track.

Take a right here and a few hundred metres further on the track will be the fork in the road I mentioned earlier.

Continue heading north on Reids Track and this will take you back to Black Snake Creek Road and the campsite.

bunyip state park

I would rate this walk as moderate or above for the sole reason that there are a few challenging hills that occur regularly.

This appears to be the norm for most of the tracks in the Bunyip State Park.

Your concentration levels need to be at an all-time high on the downhill section of the Jonas Track as you could slip over at any time.

One way to avoid this is to walk up on the ledge located either side of the track. But, really, where’s the fun in that?!

If you would like to follow the same we path we took, download the track here from my WikiLoc account. 

The Stats – Reids and Two Dams Track – Bunyip State Park

Length (km): 10.1km (according to WikiLoc)
Time: 2hr 39 mins
Moving Time: 2hr 15 mins
Average Speed: 3.81 km/h
Difficulty: Moderate
Maximum Elevation: 338m
Accum. elev. uphill: 224m
Accum. elev. downhill: 224m
Return/Circuit/One Way: Circuit

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