Why Joining a Hiking MeetUp is a Good Thing

hiking MeetUp

If you haven’t worked it out yet, I run a hiking MeetUp group of the same name as this website – The Hiking Society.

I kicked it off on the first weekend of September and it has grown rapidly ever since.

Why did I start it? For a number of reasons, really.

The most obvious reason was so I could get out and hike more often with other like-minded people.

It would also contribute to my website’s content by providing information about the various best hiking tracks in Victoria.

hikng MeetUp

However, what I love most about my hiking group in Melbourne, and I imagine it would be similar to other groups, is the people I’ve met.

I’m a big believer that everyone has a story to tell about why or how they stumbled across hiking and camping.

And everyone’s story is different in its own little way. Some started hiking for the exercise, while others have a more intense interest in it.

And, as I have mentioned in various sections of this blog, I believe that one of the reasons why people don’t hike more often is that they don’t have anyone to go with.

Joining a hiking MeetUp is a great way to solve this issue because everyone who attends has some level of interest in hiking.

hiking MeetUp

Furthermore, I have seen people turn up to my group’s hikes and not know anyone at all, only to make friends with a few others and then start spending time with them outside of the group.

So, if you are stuck for ideas of places to go hiking or people to go hiking with, find yourself a hiking MeetUp and join in.

They’re fun, mostly free, and you get to go to places that you may not have necessarily heard of before.

Based on my personal experience with it so far, I promise you that it will be the best decision you’ll ever make.

hiking MeetUp

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