Mortimer Circuit – Bunyip State Park

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Despite the Four Brothers Rocks track being the most popular track in the Bunyip State Park, the Mortimer Circuit, in my opinion, certainly rivals it.

Starting and finishing from the popular Mortimer Picnic Ground, the Mortimer Circuit is a 9.4km track that includes a couple of hills, wide and closed-in paths, and various types of trees including fern trees and the Mountain Ash.

The beginning of the walk starts at the end of the camping side of the picnic ground, which is also the start/end of the Mortimer Nature Walk.

mortimer circuit

Apart from the Tree Fern Track a bit further on, this is the densest section of the track as you weave your way through a small section of rainforest.

Also worth noting that there is a large tree that has fallen down over the path. You can get around it by climbing over it on the left-hand side.

Soon after, the track ends and you take a right onto Steege Track. This part of the track is a gradual ascent on a much wider path.

Depending on your pace, you should be able to reach the t-intersection of Tree Fern Track and Windy Point Track within the hour.

The first section of the Tree Fern Track is consists of a closed-in track in amongst plenty of ferns and two reasonable hills.

I think one of the things I really enjoyed about the Mortimer Circuit was the varying terrain in each section.

mortimer circuit

I find that this can make it a much more enjoyable walk as opposed to experiencing the same terrain throughout the entire track.

After a short while, you cross over Link Road and continue on Tree Fern Track. It’s less dense and much flatter than the previous section.

The end of the track intersects the halfway point of Nicholas Hut Track. Take a right at this point to continue on the Mortimer Circuit.

mortimer circuit

If you want to take a side-trip to Four Brothers Rocks, take a left and head north whilst following the signs.

If you aren’t used to hills, be mindful that there is a very steep hill towards the end of Nicholas Hut Track and just before the rocks.

Continuing on the Nicholas Hut Track on the Mortimer Circuit, head south until you come to another section of Link Road.

mortimer circuit

Cross the road and you will be at the beginning of the Ferres Track, which is largely a flat track with the odd hill here and there.

This section does intertwine with another track – Silvertop Ridge Track – and it can get a little confusing, but the great thing about this entire walk is that it is well-signed.

Therefore, as long as you have a map, getting lost is almost impossible.

Keep following the Ferres Track and it will lead you back to the Mortimer Picnic Ground.

I would highly recommend the Mortimer Circuit for anyone who is looking to go on a relatively easy hike that won’t completely destroy their body and isn’t that far away from Melbourne.

As mentioned, it is well-signed, has very few hills, and is situated in an area that I believe is underrated in terms of hiking tracks.

Getting to the Mortimer Picnic Ground is relatively easy. Find your way to Gembrook and keep following the Gembrook-Tonimbuk Road.

You will pass a sign on your right that says Bunyip State Park, and the Mortimer Picnic Ground will be shortly on the left-hand side.

Please be mindful that the area isn’t very mobile reception friendly. So if you are out there by yourself, please ensure you have a good first aid kit with you and that someone knows where you are going to be.

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