Globewalker: From Blogger To Business Owner


So, this blog article is a little different to the usual stuff I put out on a weekly basis.

In fact, it is completely different.

Despite having owned it since December, I am now a business owner after buying a company called Globewalker.

First, a quick overview on what the business is, what we sell and what we stand for.

This company has existed for the better part of six years and is, in my opinion, largely unknown.

One of our Comfort Wear tops

We sell high quality European made active wear, down sleeping bags and mountaineering gear, with our target market covering just about any outdoor pursuit.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a camper, hiker, runner, walker, gym junkie, cyclist, adrenalin junkie, cyclist, cross fit fanatic, mountaineer, or anything else in between, we have something for everything.

At this point in time, we stock three brands – Brubeck, Malachowski and Cumulus.

Our Brubeck range of clothing covers of active wear (tees and tank tops), merino thermals, comfort wear (similar to Bonds), and outdoor socks.

While Cumulus and Malachowski make up the down sleeping bags and mountaineering gear that we stock.

Wearing one of our athletic tops on top of the Pinnacles

Our message and what we stand for, which is identical to what The Hiking Society stands for, is fairly simple.

We believe in the everyday person who is doing extraordinary things in the outdoors.

I love hearing about what treks and trips any and every outdoor enthusiast is planning and this ties in with our brand.

I’m really excited about this new venture I now find myself in and cannot wait to see what impact we have in the existing market.

This is something I have wanted to do for a long time now and it even got to a point where I was contemplating creating my own product and label.


Like any other outdoor enthusiast, we have all tried brands that are fantastic and some that are not so fantastic.

More often that not, the not so fantastic brands are the ones that are significantly overpriced and rarely hold up over time.

Which is why I was keen to explore the possibility of creating my own product that would solve this issue.

However, Globewalker now fast tracks that and turns that possibility into reality.

Our activewear is lightweight, breathes really well, and has exceptional moisture wicking capabilities.

Whilst our thermals, comfort wear and down sleeping bags will keep you really warm on those cold nights.

In fact, our down sleeping bags are designed for use in the most extreme conditions – think Everest, the Himalayas etc.


Now, there’s always the tendency for a blog like this to turn into an advertising machine for brands and companies looking to increase their exposure.

I always said to myself that I would never litter this blog with banner ads and the like, and nothing has changed that mindset.

So, whilst I implore you to get in touch with me should you be in the market to buy new outdoor gear, I won’t be covering this website in Globewalker banner ads.

What I am willing to do is offer each and every one of you a 10% discount off any purchase you make from our store by using the unique code THS10. This applies to all products excluding socks (if you buy three you get a discount anyway!)

Not only that, but our newsletter will provide you with similar content that will help you have an enjoyable and comfortable time in the outdoors.

So, that’s about it in a nutshell regarding myself and Globewalker. I look at it as the next step in my obsession with the outdoors.

I’m really passionate about this new venture and I genuinely hope you will come along for the ride.

You can find Globewalker on Instagram and Facebook too.



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