Valley Picnic Ground to Eagles Nest Picnic Ground

hiking in the dandenongs

The great thing about Olinda, and the RJ Hamer Arboretum, is that there are so many tracks and trails to walk.

You can literally make up whatever track you want.

Last weekend, I took a group out from the Meetup group to walk from the Valley Picnic Ground to Eagles Nest Picnic Ground and back.

This almost 3.5km hike has very few hills, two picturesque picnic grounds and is located at the northern end of the RJ Hamer Arboretum.

Much like the Olinda Falls and Valley Circuit, you are surrounded by lush forest area including Mountain Ash and plenty of ferns.

valley picnic groundStarting at the Valley Picnic Ground, head north-west on a decline on Georges Track until you come to the t-intersection at Eagles Nest Track.

Taking a right here, you will immediately come to another descent into the forest.

However, once you get to the bottom, you’ll hike on a flat surface until Eagles Nest Picnic Ground.

The picnic ground itself has plenty of carpark space and plenty of room on the grass area which makes it ideal for little kids.

Hermon Track is easily accessible and this is the track you need to take to continue the hike.

eagles nest picnic ground

Cross the bridge and continue to follow this path until you come to the t-intersection of Eagles Nest Track and Rifle Range Gully. Take a left here.

Follow this for a short time until you come back to the first t-intersection at Georges Track, and ascend the hill back to the car park.

This is a fairly easy hike and one that parents could take their children on or one that you could do as a beginner hike.

The reason it would be a good option for beginners is that there are few hills to navigate and the track itself is fairly wide.

As always, to follow this trail, you can download it here via my WikiLoc page.

The Stats – Valley Picnic Ground to Eagles Nest Picnic Ground Return

Length (km): 3.38km (according to WikiLoc)
Time: 1hr 43 mins
Moving Time: 59 mins
Average Speed: 3.32km/h
Difficulty: Easy
Maximum Elevation: 318m
Accum. elev. uphill: 92m
Accum. elev. downhill: 92m
Return/Circuit/One Way: Circuit

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