Mount Riddell Summit Return

Located in the popular town of Healesville is the not-so-well-known hiking trail that is the Mount Riddell trail.

A 6.5km up and 6.5km back trail, it is pretty much uphill all the way to the summit entrance and then back the same way.

I think what I like most about this trail is that it is great for getting your ‘hiking legs’ in due to the gradual hill climb.

Furthermore, at various points, you get some really nice views of the wider Healesville area and the Maroondah Reservoir.

You also get a fairly good look at the relentlessly tough Mount St Leonard and parts of the trail that head up to the lookout tower.

Another great feature of this hike is that the path you hike is fairly wide which means you and your group can spread out.

Don’t get me wrong, hiking in a single file can be plenty fun but it’s always nice to hike side-by-side with someone.

Especially, when you can complain to each other how steep the hills are on this hike! (I kid! It’s really not that bad).

Once you reach the end of the steepest section of the hills, the trail flattens out and you enter into some nice forest area.

mount riddellThere is a gentle climb to the summit where a sign and a cairn will be waiting for you. Just keep following the orange arrows!

Unfortunately, even though it is listed as a summit, there’s not much of a view at the top.

As mentioned, you’ll find plenty of lookout points along the way for you to check out the scenery below.

To get back down to the bottom, simply go back the way you came.

Overall, I really enjoy this hike for a number of reasons:

  • It’s a return hike. Therefore there is very little to think by way of getting back to the start
  • It’s almost impossible to get lost or lose your way on the track
  • It has some great views
  • It’s an ideal track for anyone who is getting their body ready for a multi-day hike
  • At 13kms, it’s hardly going to exhaust you if you are a regular hiker

mount riddellI’d recommend this hike to anyone who has a reasonable level of fitness and isn’t afraid of tackling hills.

If you aren’t used to hills but would like to hike this track anyway, I wrote an article on what I believe is a good tactic to use to conquer hills.

To get there, find your way to Mount Riddell Road in Healesville and keep heading east until you come to the gate/trail head.

Further, if you would like to hike this trail, check out my WikiLoc trail I recorded here.

The Stats – Mount Riddell Summit Return

Length (km): 13.11km (according to WikiLoc)
Time: 3hr 17 mins
Moving Time: 3hr 2 mins
Average Speed: 3.98km/h
Difficulty: Moderate
Maximum Elevation: 816m
Accum. elev. uphill: 603m
Accum. elev. downhill: 603m
Return/Circuit/One Way: Return

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