A Beautiful Hike for the Mind, Body and Soul

the hiking society

A story about how hiking impacted the mind, body and soul of a city girl from Melbourne.

The wind whistled through the trees as the leaves flew amongst the breeze.

As she walked down the muddy trail, she felt the fresh air in her lungs and took a deep breath inhaling the oxygen from the trees.

It had been about 6 months since she had made the decision to start hiking. It had been the best decision she had made.

Initially, she was afraid of getting lost or not being able to hike on her own. However, since she comes across The Hiking Society on a Google search, she had gained the confidence to go hiking and the support of other keen hikers had definitely encouraged her.

As she walked along the muddy path one foot after the other, she felt a sense of relaxation come over her.

It was great to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the beautiful scenery around her.

the hiking society

Just getting away from the busy city and taking in the beautiful scenery around her made her mind feel relaxed. All the anxieties and stresses of the week seemed to melt away.

All the anxieties and stresses of the week seemed to melt away.

The group then stopped at a bridge to admire the waterfall below.  She stood still for a moment and gazed at the waterfall.

Her soul felt a sense of peace and calm listening to the water gushing down.

Hiking definitely helped to relax her mind that was full of thoughts of the past and future. It put her back in touch with the present.

It made her realise how small her worries were and how vast the environment was surrounding her.

the hiking society

She had walked over hills, along plains and through forests. She had seen some beautiful trees and watched a lyre bird fly ahead.

The sun had seeped through the trees and she had felt the heat on her back.

Since she had taken up hiking she definitely felt more physically fit. She had also been eating healthier ensuring she got the right balance of vitamins, proteins and carbs.

The physical exercise had released positive endorphins and she had suddenly realised she was thinking a lot more positive about things. She also felt happier in her soul being in touch with nature.

She also felt happier in her soul being in touch with nature.

Hiking gave her a sense of space that she needed. It took her away from dramas in her life, the pressure of balancing work, friendships, finances and family.

Being away from the crowded city, she felt that she was more in touch with her senses: how great the breeze felt on her skin; how she could more clearly hear the birds; how all the green around her made her eyes feel less sore.

Hiking had definitely improved her overall wellbeing as well as her mind, body and soul in the last six months.

She had also met some amazing people and built friendships that she would never have imagined, had she stayed in her own little-enclosed place in her two-bedroom apartment.

She had seen a world out there that was different and much bigger than her own little world.

Whilst there are many forms of exercise that can improve your mind, body and soul, she felt that hiking was definitely at the top of her list.

the hiking society

It was exciting exploring different places and she felt rejuvenated and revitalised after every hike.

She was thankful to The Hiking Society for making it possible to attend hikes with a group of people as she would probably have been afraid to do it by herself in the beginning.

However, now she felt confident and her navigation skills had also improved.

One of her daily hobbies had now become exploring all the different hikes that can be done around Australia and the rest of the world.

She will never regret buying her hiking boots and her outdoor gear.

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