Pocket Charge Disposable Charger Review

pocket charge

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in which Pocket Charge sent me two of their products to review.

I was recently contacted by a new company – Pocket Charge – to see if I would be interested in reviewing their disposable charger (two to be precise).

Now, as some of you might know, I’m a huge fan of the heavy-duty Xiaomi Power Bank that I have as it is fast charging and keeps my phone going on the trail.

However, to put it into context, the Pocket Charge is, as described on their website, ‘a one-time use emergency gadget in a disposable tiny wrapper’.

Retailing at $4.99, this little charger, as the name suggests, is small enough to fit in your pocket while you’re on the go.

pocket charge

The battery itself is a lithium polymer battery and the product is ready to go once you’ve removed it from its plastic packaging.

The Pocket Charge is compatible with iPhone and Android phones and gives you up to three hours of talk time, and is for one-time use only.

Once you have finished with it, the company encourages you to find your local recycling centre/facility and dispose of it there.

Their target market appears to be hikers and campers, travellers and nightlife goers.

From the perspective of extending battery life, I can see this being handy for the nightlife goers and travellers perhaps.

But, I honestly feel that for hikers and campers, it’s not practical for a few reasons.

  1. It can be slow to charge. Something with a little more oomph would be ideal.
  2. The recycling centre isn’t always going to be available to you; particularly on a multi-day hike or in a country that you’re not familiar with.
  3. Getting more juice out of it requires you to do a number of things as mentioned in their FAQ section under ‘How much charge will I get out of my device’.

The two tests were conducted in two situations:

  1. After I went on a short hike and used WikiLoc to track it.
  2. After using my iPhone throughout the day.

The first scenario started with my phone at 55% and it took roughly an hour to get it to 80% before it’s lifespan ended.

I was at a cafe and was very rarely checking my phone as I was with others

The second scenario started with my phone at 21% and it too took roughly 50 minutes to charge my phone to 40%.

In saying that, I did use it frequently in this situation, therefore situation 1 is probably a more accurate reading.

pocket charge

Overall, despite the avenue to responsibly recycle the product, I’m not sure if the Pocket Charge is the most practical emergency charger out there.

As mentioned, these recycling centres aren’t always going to be nearby and therefore the temptation to dispose of it in a bin or, worse, on a trail would be too great.

Now, I’m not saying that all hikers and campers trash the environment, but I just feel that the temptation would be there with the Pocket Charge.

Perhaps with some adjustments to the product, it may evolve into something exceptionally handy for us hikers.

I will say that I do like the quirkiness of their marketing and the package that their product comes in. It’s very clever.

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