Mushroom Rocks to Talbot Peak Return

mushroom rocks

A 45-minute drive north of Moe lies the picturesque Mushroom Rocks in a section of the Baw Baw National Park.

As part of the Australian Alpine Walking Track, Mushroom Rocks is also close to Mount Erica and Talbot Peak.

Which is where some of the members of The Hiking Society Meetup found themselves last weekend.

And in the snow no less.

Starting at Mushroom Rocks, this 4.8km trail slowly winds it’s way uphill to Mount Erica and then onto the ruins at Talbot Peak.

It is by no means a difficult hike, but the hills can be somewhat challenging; as was the case during this hike through the snow.

mushroom rocks

As is the case with most terrain in alpine areas, the entire track is littered with snow gums.

Personally, I find that the twisted branches really add to the overall feel of the area.

Keep following the track from Mount Erica and you’ll come to a t-intersection where you can head right and find your way to Talbot Peak.

Situated at 1520m, Talbot Peak would be an ideal spot for camping or simply somewhere to stop for a break, which is what we did.

To get back to Mushroom Rocks, simply return the same way you came.

mushroom rocksOverall, this hike is incredibly picturesque and one worth doing if you ever get the chance.

We were incredibly fortunate that we were able to hike through the snow which added to the overall experience.

Most of the walks near Mushroom Rocks can be done as a day hike should you live within a reasonable driving distance of the area.

However, if you are doing an overnight hike, I would highly recommend pitching your tent at Mushroom Rocks and using it as your base camp.

There are plenty of great spots littered throughout the area, especially one particular area where two huge granite boulders are resting on one another.

I would recommend this hike for just about any hiker with any level of fitness. If you are hiking during snow season be sure to pack the appropriate gear and clothing.

mushroom rocks

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