Chatauqua Peak Loop Walk – The Grampians

chatauqua peak

The Chatauqua Peak Loop Walk is yet another reason why you need to visit the Grampians at some point in your life.

A fairly simple ascent and descent, this track incorporates side trips to places such as Clematis Falls and starts and ends in the heart of Halls Gap.

Beginning at the Halls Gap Oval car park, the track is well-signed and zig-zags its way to Chatauqua Peak; some 433m in elevation.

Now, that may not seem very high, and honestly, it isn’t when you compare it to Mount Dandenong at 693m as an example, but the views are ridiculously good.

I can only imagine what Mount Rosea’s view was like if it had been on a clear day, but Chatauqua Peak is an absolute winner.

chatauqua peak

One of the many great things about this walk is that it’s about 6kms in distance and isn’t overly hard.

It’s probably easier than Mount Rosea in some respects and therefore is ideal for those hikers who don’t want to deal with too many obstacles when attempting this hike.

The side-trip to Clematis Falls is a great place to stop and take a break while taking in your surroundings.

The track is well-signed so it is easy to find your way to the peak which is a side-trip in itself.

The start of the track to the peak is where all the fun of rock hopping/scrambling begins.

chatauqua peak

For those of you who have done the Cathedral Ranges Northern Circuit before, you’ll be amazed at how similar this path is to the Ridge Track up top.

In fact, I’d go as far as saying it’s identical to it as there is a semi-defined path that requires you to climb/hop your way over the rocks.

The location of Chatauqua Peak is fairly obvious as the track runs into a dead end and you are confronted by stunning views of Boronia Peak in the distance, Halls Gap, Elephant’s Hide, and various sections of the Pinnacle Circuit.

Despite loving Mount Rosea, I feel as though the Chatauqua Peak Loop Walk has become my favourite hike in the Grampians.

That is until I visit again and do yet another hike!

chatauqua peak

After finishing up at the peak, make your way back to the junction, take a left, and then follow the path to the bottom.

You’ll cross over Mount Victory/Northern Grampians Road and then walk through the Venus Baths area.

Follow the path out the back of the primary school and this will take you to the start of the trail.

Given the very few obstacles that exist on this hike, I would recommend it for most people who have a good level of fitness.

The entire track might not be suitable for little children, especially the path to the peak, but you could always take them as far as the falls (a kilometre away).

If you would like to download and follow this track and have the WikiLoc app, you can do so here.

The Stats – Chatauqua Peak Loop Walk

Length (km): 5.6km (according to WikiLoc)
Time: 2hr 30 mins
Moving Time: 1hr 57 mins
Average Speed: 2.25km/h
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Maximum Elevation: 433m
Accum. elev. uphill: 188m
Accum. elev. downhill: 188m
Return/Circuit/One Way: Loop/Circuit

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    Plus, through spring look for the orchids as well. I must go back. I think I could spend a fortnight shared between bushwalking, sunrise and sunset photography and orchid photography.

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