Review: The Warburton Motel

warburton motel

Disclaimer: the owners of the Warburton Motel gave me a nights accommodation in exchange for this review. However, this did not sway my opinion in any way.

Located at 4 Donna Buang Road on the outskirts of town, owners Richard and Simone have recently taken over management of the Warburton Motel with the aim to make it an affordable ‘basecamp’ for hikers, mountain bike riders, and those looking to get away for the weekend.

warburton motel

As only the third owners of the motel since 1970, Richard and Simone are looking to add their own little touch on the rooms and facilities.

The motel has three accommodation options:

  • 4 x bedrooms including queen-sized beds
  • 6 x bedrooms including twin/double beds
  • 1 x luxury spa suite including a queen-sized bed

I was lucky enough to be put up in a room with a queen-sized bed all to myself.

The room also included a flat-screen TV, an affordable mini bar, air conditioner, microwave oven, complimentary tea/coffee facilities, a small table & chairs, a bathroom including a shower and toilet, and a shared verandah with views of the surrounding mountains.

warburton motel

Like any hotel, motel or resort that you stay at, all you want is to arrive at a clean room with a comfortable bed.

And that’s exactly what I got and more. After an 18km hike out at Big Pat’s Creek during the day, a comfy bed was what I was craving.

And that was only the beginning of just how good this place is.

Not only do they have comfortable rooms, but they also have a common area for guests to relax, hang out or even bring back some dinner from one of the many restaurants in town.

Now, the only knock on the common area, and I know this will only be temporary, is that it looks like a lounge room straight out of the 1970s.

warburton motel

However, given the drive and passion that Richard and Simone have for turning this place into something special, I know it’ll only be a matter of time before it turns into something more modern.

The surrounding gardens of the property are in immaculate condition and are really a testament to the hard work that Richard and Simone have put into the place since taking over in August 2017.

There is a small sitting area near the car park that includes some chairs and a fireplace for guests to enjoy of an evening.

While I didn’t take advantage of it myself, I can see this being a popular spot for guests to enjoy as the sun goes down and the night rolls in.

warburton motel

Popular nearby attractions include:

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Warburton Motel under the hospitality of Richard and Simone.

As someone who has come across a couple of grumpy motel owners in the past, it’s nice to know that there are still motel owners out there who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their customers have an enjoyable time.

I really want to thank Richard and Simone for how welcoming and helpful they were during my stay.

Nothing was too much of an issue and they had plenty of recommendations for any of the restaurants and cafes in town.

If you are ever visiting Warburton for the weekend, I would highly recommend that you consider staying at the Warburton Motel.

You won’t be disappointed.


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