Camper’s Pantry Meals: Review

campers pantry

Prior to our trip to New Zealand, I was fortunate enough to be supplied with some freeze-dried meals from Tasmanian based company Camper’s Pantry.

Camper’s Pantry has only been in existence for a little over 12 months now where they began their offering with freeze-dried vegetables.

I reviewed the veggies back in late 2016 and they were absolutely fantastic with my Continental Pasta pack.

campers pantry

So, needless to say, I was keen to get stuck into the meals to see what they were like.

The three Camper’s Pantry meals I took with me were:

Straight away, before I even started cooking any of them, the weight of the bag stood out the most for me.

It’s incredibly lightweight and because all the contents inside don’t take up the entire bag, you can fold it in half and save on space.

Furthermore, the bag itself is incredibly convenient for a number of reasons.

First of all, the ziplock system at the top is incredibly convenient if you plan only eating some of your meal at any given time.

campers pantry

Secondly, it’s also designed to trap the heat emitting from the boiling water you pour into the bag to cook the food.

While the cooking time is around the 20-minute mark, and probably longer than some other options in the market, the wait is well worth it.

The only knock on the way the Campers Pantry bags are designed is that I feel that they could be a little smaller.

As the contents take up the bottom third of the bag, it can be a little hard to get all of the food out without shaking it a little.

That aside, it’s well designed and the pros significantly outweigh the cons.

And last, but not least, each one tasted absolutely amazing.

campers pantry

We were doing some serious kilometres every day in New Zealand so knowing I would be eating something other than tuna and pasta later that night was always a motivator.

However, each Campers Pantry meal exceeded my expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed them all.

I would say that the Moroccan Pork was probably my favourite of the three.

So, in short, I would recommend Camper’s Pantry to anyone who was looking for an alternative to Backcountry Cuisine or Outdoor Gourmet.

The pricing is reasonable for the serving size and I also think it’s worth noting that the meat products used aren’t processed.

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