Five Places To Go For A Long Weekend Adventure

lake tali karng

With plenty of long weekends available every year here in Australia, this gives us hikers the opportunity to get away for an extended trip.

This article takes a look at some of the obvious, and not-so-obvious, places to go for a long weekend adventure.

These include places that are suitable for those who prefer camping and staying in proper accommodation alike.

Please note: I’ve only included place I have been to myself as I would rather not give out advice/tips on places I’ve never been to before.

Furthermore, Lake Tali Karng is currently closed due to the bushfires that came through during February 2019 and it is unclear when it will be reopened.

Five Places To Go For A Long Weekend Adventure

In no particular order…

tree fern gully trail


One of the more popular towns in the north-east region of Victoria, it is a central location for a number of day hikes in the area.

These include:

Cooks Mill and Neds Gully are incredibly popular during long weekends.

However, Keppel campground, on the outskirts of Marysville, is a great place to stay if you want to avoid the crowds.

The Grampians

One of the most popular places in Victoria, the Grampians is home to a number of stunning hikes with incredible views and is ideal for a long weekend adventure.

Granted I’ve yet to do every hike in the area, but I feel as though the ones I have done are more than enough to fill your long weekend.

boronia peak

The day hikes I would recommend are:

I think the best thing about the Grampians is that it caters for hikers of all abilities.

If you’re someone who likes to carry a pack to a hut or camping ground, then you’ll be able to do that.

But for those who aren’t at that stage yet, the Plantation Camping Ground on Mount Zero road is perfect to use as a base camp.

There’s plenty of room, several drop toilets and, as a bonus, it’s free to stay there!

Lake Tali Karng

Located in a section of the Victorian Alpine National Park, Lake Tali Karng is one of those places that will take your breath away for a number of reasons.

The first reason is that the views along the Wellington Plains Track are nothing short of spectacular.

You make your way across an expansive alpine plain with surrounding hills and mountains which makes for a nice change from your usual bush trail.

lake tali karng

Secondly, the track heading in and out of the lake itself is incredibly steep and you might find yourself sliding down on your bum!

There are two ways to get into Lake Tali Karng – from McFarlane’s Saddle car park and rock hopping across the Wellington River.

I believe the latter is the harder of the two, and you can find more info on the former below:

The best advice I can give you for this one so you can enjoy it as much as possible is to do the hike over three days.

This allows you to spend more time exploring the area around the lake and enjoy it more.

Please note: Lake Tali Karng is currently closed due to the bushfires that came through the area in early 2019. It will be closed for some time to come.

Bunyip State Park, Gembrook

An area that I believe is one of the more underrated places to camp and hike in the eastern region of Victoria, the Bunyip State Park is home to a number of tracks and campsites.

The most popular campsite in the park is the Mortimer Picnic Ground, but Nash Creek and Freemans Mill (walk-in campsite) are certainly worth checking out.

mortimer circuit

I would recommend using Mortimer Picnic Ground as your base camp and do a few day hikes in the forest to fill your long weekend.

And the hikes I would recommend in this are:

And finally, and probably my favourite place to go on a long weekend, is…

Mitchell River, Gippsland

If you’re up for a decent 40km walk across 2-3 days, then I can’t recommend Mitchell River and the Mitchell River Walking Track enough for your next long weekend adventure.

There are a couple of really good campsites at either end and along the way, but it’s the sweeping views along the river that make this track one of the most underrated in the state.

mitchell river

Special mention goes to the lookout platform overlooking the Amphitheatre near Billy Goat Bend as you won’t find a better viewing spot along the river.

Along with the Billy Goat Bend campsite located some 12kms on the Mitchell River Walking Track heading south, other campsites include:

Be sure to take your water filter device if you plan on staying at Billy Goat Bend or Angusvale.

Lastly, there’s a great little short walk at the southern end of the park – Den of Nargun – that would be ideal for parents & their children, as well as those looking for something easier to do.

And there you have it – the five places we would recommend for your next long weekend adventure

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  1. Tam

    Great article! Made we wonder – when camping and hiking, do you leave your tent, etc at the camp grounds or take everything on the hike?

    Sorry for the daft question… just starting out and curious to know what people do.

    1. John Feeney

      Hey Tam! Thanks for reading my article. Really means a lot and thank you for your question.

      Funnily enough, this used to be a concern of mine too. However, something I’ve learnt over the years is that rarely will someone walk x amount of kilometres into a campsite to knock off a tent. Now, I’m not saying it won’t happen, but I do believe in that mentality. What I would say is that, if you can, pack everything into your backpack if you can.

      Alternatively, if you’re staying somewhere like Plantation Camp Ground or Mortimer Picnic Ground, you can put those items in your car before you head off.

      Hope this helps.

      Thanks again

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