Whipstick Gully Track – Warrandyte

whipstick gully track

Yet another great little walk in the Warrandyte State Park, the Whipstick Gully Track really showcases the gold digging history that consumes the area.

Starting at a trailhead on Whipstick Gully Road not far from the cafes and shops in Warrandyte, you soon find yourself in bushland area.

The hike is roughly 4.2kms and while that might seem short, you certainly aren’t left empty handed as you’ll discover mineshafts, walk up and down the odd hill and be consumed by some really nice scenery.

Now, there are a number of ways you that you can complete this hike but our group started at the track – Bruce Bence Track – that begins to the right of the shelter.

Immediately, you will find yourself on a slightly rocky incline that zig-zags its way to a flattish section where a grate covered mineshaft is nearby.

Head to the left as you descend a rocky path that will take you back to Whipstick Gully Track and to a nearby mineshaft that is fenced off and is located in a small picnic area.

whipstick gully track

Now, if you’ve never done this walk before it might start to get a little confusing as to where to go from here.

What appears to be a path at the back of the picnic area leads to a gate which I can only assume backs on to private property.

You want to stick to the main path that cuts through the descent you just came down and the picnic area where the mineshaft is.

whipstick gully track

Get back on the main path – Whipstick Gully Track – and continue following this for some time.

It’s quite a wide path and is accommodating of large groups such as MeetUps or adventure companies.

You’ll ascend a reasonably steep hill which will take you to a junction and have you arrive at Wildcat Gully Track.

whipstick gully track

The condition of the path is much the same along this section as it is for the previous sections and is therefore fairly easy to navigate.

In saying that, while you could get away wearing runners on this trail, I would still recommend wearing hiking shoes or boots if you have them.

From the junction, continue down the path and as it snakes around to the left, Geraghty’s Mine will be located on your right tucked away in the corner.

whipstick gully track

You can still go into the mine for a look-see but it looked as though it was blocked off a short way in.

Keep following the path and either take a right a short while later to head up and around Fourth Hill or you can continue you on and visit the cairn by the creek.

It’s really not that much to look at but if you have kids it’s worth walking the extra distance to have a look.

whipstick gully track

Once you reach the end of the Wildcat Gully Track, take a left and then a right to get to the ‘summit’ of Fourth Hill.

Don’t get too excited! There’s really not a whole lot to see at the top but it’s a nice way to flesh out the walk a little more.

Continue following the path, you’ll take a left which will lead you back to the junction from earlier and then straight back to the car park.

whipstick gully track

Despite the fact that it’s roughly 4.2kms, the Whipstick Gully Track, much like Pound Bend Circuit, is a good walk for a number of reasons.

The path is generally nice and wide, and well-formed; and there are few, if any, obstacles in your way to completing this.

I like the fact that the mineshafts are still around on the track which gives the kids a little something extra to look at.

whipstick gully track

Be sure to drop into Cocoa Moon Cafe in Yarra Street, Warrandyte, afterwards for a coffee and something to eat. Can’t go wrong!

As always, if you wish to follow this path on WikiLoc, please download it here.

The Stats – Whipstick Gully Track

Length (km): 4.2km (according to WikiLoc)
Time: 1hr 17mins
Moving Time: 1hr
Difficulty: Easy (Grade 2/3)
Maximum Elevation: 139m
Accum. elev. uphill: 191m
Accum. elev. downhill: 191m
Return/Circuit/One Way: Circuit

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