Brubeck: Who Are They and Why Am I Stocking Them


If you’ve been to this website or visited the Facebook and Instagram page recently, you may have noticed that I have opened up an online store.

This is one of many changes I’ll be looking to make to the website in 2018 and I thought it would be an ideal time to go into further detail about why, who etc.

So, as you’ll see in the description of the online store, I’m aiming to fill the store with quality products and gear that will last in the outdoors.

Far too often I have seen websites that go down this path stock gear that might be at an attractive price but is generally low quality which often leads to it falling apart within a few months of using it.

The plan is to stock the store with the brands that I have used myself (think Campers Pantry and ArmaSkin) but also brands that you may not be aware of.

One of these brands is a European brand by the name of Brubeck of which I’m the Australian and New Zealand distributor for.


Who Are Brubeck?

Brubeck is a Polish company who manufactures and sells outdoor gear that typically includes thermoactive elements allowing you to stay warm or cool and dry.

From a hiking and camping perspective, they manufacture and sell merino base layer tops, socks, buffs, gloves and a number of other similar gear.

They position themselves as a brand that prides itself on the fact that it has 100% control and flexible modification of on-site processes allowing them to guarantee the highest quality products with their logo on it.

They have three categories of gear – Active, Comfort and Protect – of which hiking, camping etc. typically falls under all three.

In saying that, Brubeck caters for a number of other verticals such as running, fitness, cycling, and motocross to name a few.


Within those categories, each garment is ranked with a level of 1 to 7 with 7 consisting of gear that is appropriate for extreme conditions (think Nepal).

Level 1 would consist of products that you would wear around the house, to bed and to work etc.

Typically found in Poland, and a few other countries in the world, Brubeck products can now be found in Australia and New Zealand via The Hiking Society, Green Trails Australia and independent NSW retailer Adventure Co Oatley.

Why Brubeck

There is a lot to be said for having a piece of high-quality gear in your hiking and camping gear list, particularly if you are a regular hiker.

While I’m still a huge advocate for initially building your gear list by borrowing, renting or buying on the cheap, I am equally as much of an advocate of upgrading to gear that will withstand the various elements we face in the outdoors.

And this is ultimately why I have decided to include Brubeck in The Hiking Society online store’s offering.brubeck

As previously mentioned, quality is the number one criteria in every piece of gear and product that will feature in the online store.

And while this brand is entering into a space where there are a number of well-established merino brands in the country such as Icebreaker, XTM and Wilderness Wear, the feedback received from customers who have already bought Brubeck from my other online store Globewalker has been nothing but positive.

So, in short, I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce you to a new outdoor brand and the reasons why it now features in the online store.

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  1. Magdalena

    They are a great company! As I’m a Polish girl now living in Australia – I still have products from them that I bought 10 years ago! Great choice 🙂

    1. John Feeney

      Hey Magdalena! That’s absolutely fantastic to here. I believe we’ve connected on Instagram via the Brubeck Aus & NZ account. Now you have a place to buy more if you ever feel the need 🙂 Incredibly grateful to be working with them. Fantastic company.


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