Review: Brubeck Women’s Trekking Light Socks

Brubeck Women's Trekking light Socks

These Brubeck Trekking Light socks are much thinner than any other hiking sock I’ve worn, so I’ll admit I was sceptical as to how supportive and warm they would be.

But to my pleasant surprise, these are by far the most comfortable, cosy and breathable socks I’ve ever worn for hiking.

Made up of 51% Merino wool, these hiking socks are soft to touch and have a slightly squishy, bouncy feel when you take a step.

Because of the wool, your feet stay well-insulated, locking in the heat from your feet almost as soon as you slip them on.

Wool is also very absorbent, meaning these socks absorb the moisture from your sweaty feet while still remaining dry to touch. Sort of gross, sort of great.

The fact these socks keep your feet dry also means there’s less chance of blisters. So for hikers prone to getting the pesky things, these Brubeck socks might be just the sock for you.

Brubeck Women's Trekking light Socks

One issue I’ve experienced with other hiking socks is that they often have too much thick, excess fabric and I never know if I should wear them pulled all the way up to my knees or to let them be squashed down.

These Brubeck socks do not have this issue! They’re a no-fuss sock – not too long, not too short. Once they’re on your feet, they stay put.

Another perk of these socks is that they’re made up of 18% Polypropylene with silver ions. What does this mean? I do not really know.

But according to the description, it has something to do with antibacterial properties which curb the growth of bacteria. This means they will keep your feet fresher for longer, read: no stinky odours!

The thinness of these socks is what had me in initial doubt, but on the contrary, it is actually what makes these socks so great.

Because they’re thin, you can also wear them with other shoes in your everyday lives. I’ve worn them with boots to work a few times simply because they’re so comfy and warm.

In conclusion, these socks will keep your feet warm, dry and snug as you hike uphill, trek through the snow, or even as you wear them inside your slippers at home.

5/5 stars for warmth, support and comfort

Brubeck Trekking Light Socks

Made in Poland by Brubeck

Composition: 51% Merino Wool, 26% Polyamide, 18% Polypropylene with silver ions, 3% Polypropylene, 2% Elastane.

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