Review: Brubeck Men’s Trekking Light Socks

mens hiking socks

Disclaimer: these socks were given to Nick Whiley to field test and to provide an unbias review on.

Here’s why I’m trying out new socks.

I’ve hiked for years but recently have started doing multi days, often at altitude or changing between mountaineering boots, rock climbing shoes and hiking boots.

‘ll tell you what you mostly learn on a 6-day trek in Russia?! Socks are important! Especially, when you’ve been wearing the same for multiple days.


Enter Brubeck. To properly decide if these men’s trekking light socks were going to be good for me I knew I needed to wear them a bunch of days in a row and in different conditions so I planned myself a nice weekend of adventuring. 


First, though, they needed some wearing in. So, on they went on Friday morning in my hiking boots and off to the office.


Comfy as heck and sitting nicely in my boots (and on the desk) all day was the first good sign.



Saturday morning. Coffee sorted, on go the socks (and other clothes) for day 2 and into the car with a backpack holding about 20kg of climbing gear (mostly just for the sake of training weight).



An hour later I’m at the cathedral ranges with a hiking buddy and starting the 10km Cathedral Ranges Southern Circuit



The socks are pleasantly warm in my ageing hiking boots and offer plenty of comfort and no signs of itching (or smell) on their second day of wear.


A few km later off go the boots and on come the climbing shoes to vertically ‘skip’ the last stretch up to Sugarloaf peak.

Although I usually don’t use socks in climbing shoes I opted to keep them on for today due to a bit of nip in the air. With surprisingly little foot slip, and still a fair amount of feeling through these relatively lightweight socks, I happily realised I’d stumbled upon a good option for cold weather climbing in these men’s hiking socks from Brubeck.



A couple more hours hiking and a few post-hike drinks later, day 2 is done.


Day 3 (Sunday), wake up, shower, pull climbing gear out of the car and replace with the mountain bike.


Socks for mountain bike riding are funny. I get really frustrated when my feet are slipping around in my shoes or when the repetitive motion causes chaffing.

None of that today, a few hours of happily rampaging around wombat state park and I’m done.

Three solid days of wear and these men’s hiking socks from Brubeck are still feeling comfy for the car ride home and a successful weekend of multi-discipline adventuring 🙂


The only application I think I’d choose other socks for would be in technical mountaineering boots, particularly the pair I use for high altitude and ice climbing.

A thick sock just suits them better for the level of snugness and absolute zero slip in such rigid demanding boots.



That said, due to their lightweight I’ll certainly be packing a pair of these hiking socks from Brubeck in my dry pack for any kind of adventure, even alpinism.

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Nick Whiley is a Melbourne based outdoor enthusiast who loves not only hiking but cycling and mountaineering. You can follow him on Instagram: @themelburnian

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