Best Hiking Tracks In Australia

best hiking tracks in australia

Hiking can be a great stress reliever and alternative form of exercise.

When you frequently hike with a group, you’ll be able to meet new friends and enjoy the outdoors.

Regardless if you prefer solo hiking or a group dynamic, Australia has plenty of locations that can be considered as a hiker’s paradise.

After you switch your health insurance and pack all of your gear, you need to carefully decide where your next hiking adventure is going to be.

This location, in my opinion, can make or break your overall experience. If you want your next hike to be memorable for all the right reasons, visit the following hiking tracks in Australia:

Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory

The Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory should be on top of your bucket list if you have been hiking for years and are looking for new challenges.

This track is definitely not for beginners and the faint-hearted because it’ll require you around 16-20 days to finish the trail.

The Larapinta Trail is a 223-km trek that allows you to enjoy Australia in different views.

During the hike, you’ll need to factor in several food drops and rest days. These are fairly important in order to complete the hike.

If you think this hiking trail is suitable for your skills and experience, I would recommend scheduling your hike anywhere between April and September. The weather during these months is much more suitable for hiking.

Completing this might not be easy, but the rewards will be worth it. During the hike, you’ll have the chance to view jaw-dropping and unique scenery that you can’t find in other parts of the globe.

Bay of Fires Lodge Walk, Tasmania

Aside from the difficulty of the track, most hikers will often choose a trail because they want to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy nature’s wonders.

If you’re a hiker who is looking for hiking tracks that seem untouched, visit the Bay of Fires Lodge Walk in Tasmania.

Unlike other hiking tracks, the Bay of Fires Lodge Walk requires you to hike and explore different types of caves and beaches.

Scenic Rim Trail, Queensland

Your next hike might be more memorable if you’re exploring a trail that tells a story. Walking and learning about different rituals and traditions of the indigenous people in the area is always a good combination.

This is the kind of experience you can expect on the Scenic Rim Trail in Queensland. This is a great hiking trail from where you can see different mountains, forests, slopes, and even volcanic plateaus.

Because the Scenic Rim Trail is somewhat untouched compared to other spots in Australia, you can be sure that this trail will provide a relaxing and spiritual experience.

This is also where you’ll experience natural living environments and connect with the indigenous people living in different parts of Queensland.

The Arkaba Walk, South Australia

Not everyone has the time to spend a whole week hiking (but wouldn’t it be incredible if you could?!).

More often than not, hikers have to manage their time wisely so they can continue with their lives as a student or 9-5 worker.

If you fit either description, make sure to visit the Arkaba Walk in South Australia.

This guided trail will only take four days—perfect for those who have a very busy schedule—and is an excellent choice for individuals who like to embrace the historical side of Australia as it features over 600 years of history.

Within this hiking trail, you’ll be seeing a lot of Australian wildlife – namely emus, kangaroos, and wallaroos. During the evenings, you can choose to set up a tent under the starry skies and enjoy this strange yet undoubtedly beautiful part of Australia.

Cape to Cape Track, Western Australia

If you happen to be in the western part of the country, take the time to take the Cape to Cape Track.

This trail offers unique scenery that can make you feel like you’re in another part of the world.

Although beaches, lakes, and other bodies of water are difficult to find on this track, this is still considered as a beginner’s paradise.

This is an easy trail to hike that will only require about six days to complete.

Cherish The Moment

Now that you know where some of the best hiking tracks in Australia are, you can go about planning your next hike with your friends and family. Don’t forget to take as many pictures as you can so you can always have something to remember your adventure!

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