Episode 023 | An Outdoor Chat With Terra Roams

terra roam
There’s plenty of people in the Australian outdoor community that I’m keen on interviewing on this podcast because I genuinely believe that everyone has a unique story to tell.
So, when adventure enthusiast Terra Roam contacted me to set up a chat on the podcast, I naturally jumped at the opportunity.
And any chat with an outdoor identity such as Terra can only be conducted in one place – the outdoors!
We discuss everything from her origin story in the outdoors, her 4-year record-breaking walk around Australia to bring awareness to mental health, and her upcoming walk – Climb8 – an 800km snowshoe expedition across the Australian Alps during winter 2020 to raise awareness around the ongoing issue of climate change.
If you’re looking for some inspiration to get into the outdoors, then Terra’s story, and our chat, might just be the motivation you need.
You can follow Terra on Instagram and read all about her via the Terra Roams website. You can also read about her Climb8 walk via her other website.
Happy listening!

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