How We Are Operating Within COVID-19 Restrictions

There is very little doubt that the current COVID-19 has completely smashed the tourism industry here in Victoria, and Australia wide.

Whilst some businesses have been completely put out of business, others have had to put their adventures on hold or reschedule them to a later stage whilst dealing with this crisis.

This includes our tourism business – The Hiking Society.

However, here in Victoria, we’ve recently had restrictions eased a little to allow hiking in areas other than our local parks, reserves, and suburban streets.

In turn, this has allowed our day adventures to return albeit in a different capacity which we are incredibly excited about.

How Are We Operating Within COVID-19 Restrictions?


At the moment, our value-add of offering you transportation to and from the trailhead won’t be available until it is safe to do so.

Unfortunately, due to the current social distancing rules, having up to 12 people (including a guide) in our HiAce van just isn’t safe.

We understand that this could make it difficult for some of you to access our adventures as you are without a car to get you there, however, the health and safety of everyone is our number one priority at the moment.

You might look at some of the rideshare apps that are available or perhaps source a vehicle from a friend to help get you to various trailheads that are included in our day adventures.

Group Sizes

Our group sizes for our day adventures have now been reduced from 15 to 10.

Parks Victoria has recently stated in an online discussion with their Licensed Tour Operators that a maximum group size of 10 and an additional guide is acceptable in the current climate.

This is now reflected in all of our day adventures where we have the capacity for 10 people only.

Social Distancing

As we’re sure you’re well aware of, social distancing has now become part of our daily lives where we are required to keep 1.5m away from anyone in a public setting.

The Hiking Society will be adhering to this during our day adventures to ensure we are complying with the current ruling and we ask that our adventurers do the same.

It means that our groups will be a fraction more spread out on the trails but we don’t think that’s such a bad thing.

Hand Sanitiser

To continue with good hygiene practices, we’ll have little tubes of hand sanitiser available on hand for you to use at the start, during, and at the end of each adventure.

It’s not mandatory for you to do so on our adventures, but we’d encourage you to at every available opportunity.

Supporting Local Businesses

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve decided to throw our support behind a local cafe – Suburban Wholefoods – and have them cater for us for our day adventures.

Your lunch will consist of a delicious wrap and some protein balls to snack on during your adventure and you can choose your options during the booking process.

We see this as a really good opportunity to support a local business that has been struggling to stay afloat since this terrible virus arrived on our shores.

coid-19 restrictions


Unfortunately, they’re still included and very much doable 😉

Despite these restrictions, we are really excited to be able to get back out there again and showcase some of Victoria’s best, and most underrated, adventure trails to you all.

The above is designed to keep you safe and healthy, whilst also enabling you to enjoy the outdoors all at the same time.

We really hope you can join us and continue to enjoy the many benefits of being in the outdoors; something we’re sure everyone has been keen to do since isolation began.

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