Our Favourite Australian Outdoor Businesses

Since we launched our Victorian outdoor blog back in July 2016, we’ve been fortunate enough to be associated with and work with some of the best Australian outdoor businesses.

While there were some that were adventure companies like we used to be, there were plenty of other businesses we were associated with that existed in other facets of the outdoor industry.

These include clothes, photography, food, and much more.

We’re fortunate enough to call some of these Australian outdoor business owners our friends.

So, we thought we might shine a light on some of these businesses to make you aware of them. Some of them you might be aware of; others you might not be.

Either way, you can never know too many outdoor companies to help make your outdoor experience that little bit more enjoyable.

campers pantry meal

Campers Pantry

An adventure food company out of Tasmania, Campers Pantry sells the best freeze-dried meals on the market today.

Owned by Andrew “AJ” Jenour, I have been fortunate enough to work with AJ on a number of different assignments where I was able to try his meals.

His company started off by offering freeze-dried vegetables to complement your three main meals during a hike.

However, AJ has since expanded his offering into full meals covering breakfast, lunch & dinner, as well as dessert and snacks.

Follow them on Instagram at @camperspantry

Strive Food

Another Australian outdoor business out of Tasmania, Strive Food produces incredibly tasty dehydrated meals that will keep you fuller for longer on the trail.

They have a huge range to choose from in the main meals and breakfast department, as well as snacks & desserts too.

A single-serve of their main meals will cost you $10.70 AUD, whilst a double serve is $17.

Personally, I’m a big eater while I’m on an overnight or multi-day hike, so I always opted for the double serve which was more than plenty of food.

Pro tip – the Vegetable Laksa is absolutely amazing!

Follow them on Instagram at @strivefood

on track expeditions

On Track Meals

We’ve had freeze-dried and dehydrated meals, and now we get into good old-fashioned heat and eat meals courtesy of the team at On Track.

I’ve had a bit to do with Ian Lumb and the team at On Track when they reached out to me back in early 2018 to try one of their Chicken Curry meals as they were just launching their business.

Honestly, it was really delicious and incredibly filling. For those of you who might not be a fan of dehydrated or freeze-dried meals, I’d encourage you to check out On Track’s range of meals.

Since 2018, they’ve extended their range into breakfast options, snacks, tea & coffee, and more.

Follow them on Instagram at @on_track_meals

JC Adventure Images

After spending time as a weekend outdoor photographer, a good friend of ours – Jo Cary – recently launched her outdoor photography business – JC Adventure Images.

An outdoor business that produces “prints with a purpose”, Jo offers incredible prints of some of Australia’s best outdoor locations, as well various international locations.

Portions of her sales go to various charities that she’s involved with or organisations that exist in the places where the photos were taken.

If there was ever a small outdoor business to support that is built on a good cause, JC Adventure Images is it.

Follow her on Instagram at JC Adventure Images

Ottie merino The Hiking Society

Ottie Merino

A newcomer to the outdoor clothing industry, Ottie Merino exists make to the best merino hiking t-shirt that is designed by hikers for hikers.

Starting out with short sleeve tops, they’ve since branched out into long sleeve tops and merino underwear and have quickly become one of the more popular Australian outdoor businesses.

As someone who wears his Ottie top almost on a regular basis, and in situations other than hiking, I can assure you that this is a fantastic product. You won’t be disappointed with the quality.

And better yet, the owner of the business – Paul Goodsell – is an avid hiker himself who has been in the outdoor industry for quite a number of years now in a number of roles.

Be sure to check out their website and range of merino products.

Follow them on Instagram at @ottiemerino

Good Times Tours

I first worked with Jono from Good Times Tours back in 2017 when he approached our Meetup group to do a weekend away on the Great Ocean Road.

And we’ve worked together ever since on various little projects.

Good Times Tours is a boutique adventure company that runs small group hiking, wine & cycling tours across Victoria.

As the name suggests, it’s all about having a good time in the outdoors with everything done for you including transport, camping gear, and gear.

If you’re looking for a really laid-back, but fun, adventure, then check out Good Times Tours.

Follow them on Instagram at @goodtimestours

great ocean walk

Pale Blue Dot Photography

Another outdoor photography business that I’ve worked with before, Pale Blue Dot Photography is owned and operated by professional photographer Rob Embury.

We worked with Rob on our photography tours at Cape Woolamai and the Yarra Valley where he would teach our adventurers how to take amazing photos with their smartphone or DSLR.

Rob pitches himself as a “nature nerd” and that is something that shines clear through his work as his photos of beaches, forests, waterfalls, and nature, in general, are absolutely incredible.

He’s a professional at what he does and if you ever wanted to get some high-quality prints of local and international locations, I’d highly recommend you get in touch with him.

Follow him on Instagram at @rob_palebluedotphotography


A very niche product in the outdoor industry, ArmaSkin specialises in blister prevention sock liners that you wear underneath your hiking socks.

As someone who is a big believer in prevention rather than a cure, ArmaSkin was the perfect solution to the blisters I was getting way back when.

Once I started wearing them, my comfort levels on the trail increased dramatically as I was able to continue hiking without feeling any discomfort.

When I first started working with ArmaSkin back in 2016, they only had their sock liners available but since then they’ve introduced No-Bounce belts, No-Bounce vests, and branded singlets and t-shirts.

Honestly, buying this product will be the best $45 you’ll ever spend.

Follow them on Instagram at @armaskin_protection

armaskin sock liners

Summit Strength

Have you got a multi-day hike coming up? Or perhaps you’ve got a dodgy knee that’s not allowing you to hike as much as you want? Whatever you need, you need to get in touch with Summit Strength.

Helping amateur trekkers get to the top of the mountain, owner & operator Rowan Smith offers a hiking personal training service in the space that is unmatched.

His programs are tailored to your individual needs so you can rest assured that you’ll always be receiving the very best help and support based on your situation.

Follow them on Instagram at @summitstrength.au

Lighter Faster Hire

We recognise that purchasing hiking gear can be an incredibly expensive exercise where you might end up buying gear that you’re not used to or don’t know much about to the point where it ends up collecting dust in your wardrobe.

That’s where Lighter Faster Hire’s outdoor ultralight gear hire service comes in and solves that problem for you. At reasonable prices, you can test out various pieces of gear without burning a hole in your bank account.

Follow them on Instagram at @light_faster_hire

Big Heart Adventures

Located in South Australia and run by outdoor enthusiast Lisa Murphy, Big Heart Adventures offers themed, culturally authentic, guided, and self-guided walking adventures for all types including beginner, intermediate, and experienced trekkers.

I’ve had a fair bit to do with Lisa over the years which began when we worked together on my first outdoor business Globewalker.

Since then we’ve worked on other little projects as recently as when we showed her group around the Grampians.

If you’re ever in South Australia and are looking for a guided walk with an outdoor expert, look no further than Lisa and Big Heart Adventures.

Follow them on Instagram at @bigheart_adventures

australian outdoor businesses big heart adventures and the hiking society

These are our favourite Australian outdoor businesses that we have worked with over the past 6 years that we think you might find useful for your own outdoor experience.

Over the coming years, we’re looking forward to adding more Australian outdoor businesses to this list as we work with more of them in our pursuit of making it easier to access the outdoors.

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