There are several ways a blogger can earn an income from their work. Some of these include:

  • Sponsored posts: which involve me being paid (either through product or money) for writing a post and giving a particular brand access to you guys.
  • Gear Review involve me being given a product to take out and test on the trail, and then write a review on it.
  • Banner Ads involve various banner ads being placed on my website.

To be completely honest and upfront with you, I’ll be sure to tell you if any of my posts fall under the first two categories.

However, I have plenty of hiking and camping gear at home that I have paid for out of my own pocket, and from time to time I will write about my experiences with them for your benefit

When it all boils down to it, I will only ever accept products and offers that genuinely interest me, but, more importantly, will benefit and interest you. Furthermore, if I am given a product and I don’t like it for whatever reason, I will say so in my post. There is so much gear and equipment out there for everyone to research, it’s hard to know who has a vested interest and who doesn’t. So, with that in mind, you will always get my honest opinion.

My goal here is to not only get as many people motivated to start or continue hiking and camping, but to also make it as efficient and as comfortable as possible through the information I provide.