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Mitchell River 3 Day Adventure

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Availability: Friday-Sunday, April 10th-12th, 2020

Friday-Sunday, June 5th-7th, 2020

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Nestled in the heart of East Gippsland, the Mitchell River 3-Day Adventure is an outdoor enthusiasts slice of heaven.

Jump in the back of our 12-seater Toyota HiAce as we take you into the Mitchell River National Park and guide you from Angusvale to Echo Bend Caravan Park over a three day period.

And best of all, you’ll only need your daypack for this 26km adventure over three days as we will transport all provided tents, sleeping bags, mats and personal belongings from one campsite to the other for you.

Day One – Angusvale > Billy Goat Bend – 12km

We will begin the Mitchell River adventure following the river from the Angusvale campground as we take in the views from the peaks and cool off in the shade of the low gullies.

The path is very much like this for the entire weekend where you’ll be wanting to take photos at every opportunity of the stunning river.

It’s important to understand that the path can be rocky in some sections and necessary caution is required.

The highlight on the track for day one is without a doubt the viewing platform at Billy Goat Bend. Overlooking the Amphitheatre – an impressive rock face running down into the river – the viewing platform is the perfect spot for some amazing nature photography – especially at sunset.

The Billy Goat Bend campsite is where we’ll be staying for the night to enjoy a beautifully cooked BBQ dinner including sausages and salad, and experience sunset overlooking the river.

Snacks: Muesli bars, adventure cookies, fruit and water
Dinner: BBQ including sausages, salad, condiments, soft drink/water

Day Two – Billy Goat Bend > Echo Bend Camping Park via Den of Nargun – 14km

Our second day on the trail will start with a BBQ breakfast including bacon and egg rolls and orange juice, before taking our time to follow the remaining 15kms to our campsite at Echo Bend Camping Park. Again, the path will be much the same as it was on day one, however, there won’t be as many ascents as the path is on a gradual descent to our endpoint.

The Den of Nargun is an aboriginal site consumed by culture and story, and the Den is home to the mythical Nargun who was said to capture unsuspecting victims who wandered too close. The walk itself is approximately 4km. And, weather permitting, we’ll also include a swim in the river before we head on to our accommodation at Echo Bend.

There are several amenities available at the campsite including showers should you require one, as well as a cabin to act as a support mechanism for our trip. Furthermore, there is a small general store located at Echo Bend were guests will be able to purchase food & drinks at their own expense. Please note that payment is cash only.

Snacks: Muesli bars, adventure cookies, fruit and water
Breakfast: Egg and bacon rolls, assorted cereals with orange juice, coffee and tea
Lunch: Wraps including salami, baby bel cheese, spinach and hummus
Dinner: BBQ including hamburgers & chicken skewers, salad, condiments, soft drink/water

Day Three – Relaxing at Echo Bend Camping Park, exploring Blue Pools – 0kms

Staying overnight at Echo Bend, Day Three will be all about relaxation in preparation for the drive home. Before we do that, we’ll be making a stop at the Blue Pools in Briagolong to explore the area and go for a swim should the weather permit. We will be stopping in at the nearby town of Stratford where guests will have the opportunity to purchase lunch at the local bakery and cafe. A cooked BBQ breakfast will be provided prior to departure.

Breakfast: Egg and bacon rolls, assorted cereals with orange juice, coffee and tea

*Please make all known dietary requirements known in the Additional Notes section during the booking process*

*Guests are advised to bring their own lunch to consume during the drive to the trailhead*


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