Warburton Day Adventure

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July 27th, 2019; October 12th, 2019

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An adventure location very much on the rise here in Victoria, the Warburton Day Adventure is a combination of adventure and sightseeing.

Departing Melbourne early in the morning, we’ll drive through the Yarra Valley and begin our adventure at the incredibly underrated Reid’s Tramline, Powelltown. Immersed in history, this 6km walk winds its way through dense forest and forms the final section of the Walk Into History.

Once we’ve had our initial taste of adventure, we’ll venture into Warburton and grab a coffee and something to eat at the Three Sugars Cafe; definitely the most popular cafe in town.

From here, we’ll make our way to La La Falls to complete a 3km return walk with the beautiful small waterfall located at the halfway mark. The viewing platform is the perfect spot to sit down and relax.

After we’re done relaxing, we’ll visit the Redwood Forest – without a doubt, this is the most popular location in all of Warburton.

Not only are the trees incredibly high, and convey that sense of being in an enchanted forest, but ‘birds nests’ made from sticks are littered throughout which really add to the overall experience. It really is a magical place to visit!

Reid’s Tramline – 6kms
La La Falls Return – 3kms
Redwood Forest – no official path or kilometres

1 review for Warburton Day Adventure

  1. Jess (verified owner)

    A great day trip! Warburton was the perfect blend of walking through pristine temperate forests, drinking great coffee and chilling out amongst the giant Redwoods.

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