Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question or two about our adventures and how we do it all?

Below are some of the more frequently asked questions we get whether it be out on an adventure or at home via email, phone calls, or messages.

Will I be too slow or unfit for one of your adventures?

Absolutely not! In fact, we’re big on staying out there as much as we possibly can. As we always say – there’s no gold medal for anyone who finishes first.

With regards to fitness, if you do have concerns over your fitness we can certainly recommend a number of adventures that might be more suited to where you are at.

And from there we can help you aim high and take on that challenging hike you’ve always wanted to do.

What safety measures do you have in place just in case I, or someone else, am injured?

All of our guides carry a PLB and are First Aid qualified. On certain trips, we’ll also carry two-way radios to keep in contact with one of our other co-guides.

We also have identifiable emergency exit points along the trail, so if something does go wrong we can escort you to safety if necessary.

What if I want to drive myself to the trailhead?

That is totally fine for most of our adventures.

In fact, all of our day adventures have the option of transport or finding your own way there.

If you do choose to find your own way there, we do ask that you give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the trailhead so we can get started on time.

I see that you provide snacks and meals on your adventures. I’m a vegetarian – can you cater for me? 

Absolutely we can!

All you have to do is leave us a note in the relevant section when you’re booking yourself in and we’ll gladly you provide you with a delicious vegetarian option. In fact, we can cater for all dietary requirements.

I love that you provide camping gear for your overnight trips. What if I want to bring my own?

You are more than welcome to bring your own sleeping bag, mat or tent for that matter on one of our overnight or multi-day adventures if you would prefer.

However, please keep in mind that we often go to places where the weather can turn pretty quickly so having the right gear is absolutely imperative.

If you do choose to bring your own gear, please leave us a note during the booking process letting us know what you’ll be bringing so we can ensure it’s the correct gear for where we’re going.

What if I want to go on one of your adventures but the date doesn’t suit? What are my options?

And that’s why we are able to accommodate you for a Private Booking.

We appreciate that our dates might not suit everyone so that’s why we can offer you the option to book us in for a date that suits you.

We can cater this to your experience and needs, and perhaps add more to your experience than you would get on one of our official trips.

Ideally, we’d need 5 people to proceed with a booking but can work something out should you have less.

To make an enquiry about a Private Booking, you can click here.

My group and I need a shuttle pick up and drop off for our adventure. Can you help us at all?

Yes, we can!

We’re all about making the outdoors more accessible to people so if we can get you where you need to be and pick you up again at a later date, then absolutely we can help you.

Get in touch with us via our Contact Form here and let us get you where you need to be.

Can I pay a deposit for my booking?

We accept deposits on all overnight and multi-day adventures.

It will lock your spot in without having to pay everything up and all you have to do is pay the remainder a month prior to departure.

The deposit is non-refundable and you’ll lose your spot should you fail to pay the remainder of your booking.

Where can I see what you’ve got coming up?

Our handy, all-in-one Adventure Calendar is the place where we regularly update what we’ve got coming up.

Click here to see what’s on over the coming months.

I’ve just made a booking and saw that I’ve earned some “Adventure Points”. What are they?

Great question!

Every time you make a booking with us or purchase one of our high-quality pieces of gear, you accumulate Adventure Points.

You can put these towards a future adventure or more gear. Basically, the more you buy, the more you earn.

Just remember to create an account with us during the booking process or via the My Adventure Account page. Pro tip: you’ll earn 50 Adventure Points aka $5 when you create an account.