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Whilst out in the You Yangs over the weekend with our MeetUp group, a conversation came up with a lady in the group as to whether we were hiking or bushwalking. In her opinion, she felt that bushwalking should be used to describe day trips, whilst hiking should be used to describe multi-day trips. However,...
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This is something that I always think about and often ask other hikers when I meet them or speak to them about the outdoors – what is your biggest hurdle when it comes to hiking? Ther responses I get vary but are usually one, or all, of the following: Time Lack of gear Cost of gear...
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Regardless if you are a beginner hiker or you have been at it for several years, everyone has a reason as to why they venture into the outdoors on a regular basis. Perhaps it’s an alternative form of exercise for you? Perhaps a friend dragged you along to a camping trip one weekend and you found...
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hiking warburton
I remember my first overnight hiking and camping trip for a variety of reasons. It was early February last year when I set off by myself for what would end up being a 54km hiking trip on the Walk Into History trail in Warburton, Melbourne. The walk is positioned as a one-way trek starting in...
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Why I Avoid The 1,000 Steps When Hiking If like me, you happen to live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, you would be well aware of the 1,000 Steps (aka the Kokoda Memorial Walk) located at the foot of the Dandenongs in Ferntree Gully. People from near and far flock to this iconic Melbourne location...
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