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If you love your hiking and camping, there are so many skills and things you will need to learn to not only be safe but to enjoy yourself in the outdoors.

Hiking and camping is such a fun activity but approach it in the wrong way, and who knows what may happen.

This section of the website will go through everything from what to pack for a day and overnight hike, to how to conquer hills and what the Australian Grading System refers to.

iphone photography
Despite what you might think about smartphones when it comes to outdoor photography, they can, in some instances, do exactly what a DSLR can do. I know. Mind-blowing. Now, obviously there are some instances where a DSLR eclipses a smartphone, but I reckon you don’t need necessarily need a DSLR to get a great picture...
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the timber trail
Disclaimer: Please note, the advice given in this article is based on experience only and in no way, shape or form based on the advice typically distributed by a medical professional or other similar. Readers should consider their respective skills and circumstances before acting on the advice given in this article, and seek further advice...
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If you’ve been following this blog, or my Facebook or Instagram accounts, for some time now, you may have noticed that I use a navigation app called WikiLoc. Not only can you record your own trail, but you upload it into your account and the WikiLoc community for others to view and use themselves. And...
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If there’s one thing that us Australian hikers and campers love to do, it’s take off on an overseas adventure and explore the many places that the world has to offer. One overseas location, in particular, that we Australian outdoor enthusiasts tend to visit is New Zealand. I’ve been a few times now myself and...
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outdoor hike
So, you’ve done plenty of day hikes. You’ve done a few car camping trips. Now, it’s time to move on to something a little more challenging. An overnight hike. Believe me when I say that this is a heap of fun and will only further your obsession with hiking. However, whilst planning and researching for...
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outdoor gear
A common question I get asked on a hike is: I’m going hiking here next month for <insert number> days and I need a new backpack, what would you recommend? I absolutely love chatting about outdoor gear and all the number of brands that exist in the market today. I’ve had some good experiences with...
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There is no first prize for getting to the top of the hill or for being the first one back to the trailhead when you are out hiking. I’m sure there are plenty of hikers out there who like to go at a certain pace. Everyone has their preference. However, there are those instances where...
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hiking with kids
If you have them, camping and hiking with kids is an experience I think every parent should have at least once in their lifetime. As a father of two daughters, I’ve taken them camping and hiking and they have thoroughly enjoyed it. However, it can be a little tricky to organise yourself as well as...
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If you hike regularly, you will have no doubt come across at least one decent hill in your time out on the trail. Some hikers love them, while others absolutely hate them. Especially the hills that seem like they go on forever. For a long time, I used to dread them. The thought of staring...
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track grading system
If you’re into hiking as much as I am, you’ll know that each trail has a track grading in accordance with the Australian Walking Track Grading System. What this does is give the hiker an idea of the terrain and difficulty of the hike before, and if, they attempt it. This is extremely handy for...
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