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If you love your hiking and camping, there are so many skills and things you will need to learn to not only be safe but to enjoy yourself in the outdoors.

Hiking and camping is such a fun activity but approach it in the wrong way, and who knows what may happen.

This section of the website will go through everything from what to pack for a day and overnight hike, to how to conquer hills and what the Australian Grading System refers to.

track grading system
If you’re into hiking as much as I am, you’ll know that each trail has a track grading in accordance with the Australian Walking Track Grading System. What this does is give the hiker an idea of the terrain and difficulty of the hike before, and if, they attempt it. This is extremely handy for...
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If there’s one thing I am constantly seeking in any of my hiking and camping gear, it’s versatility. One thing I always pack on a multi-day hike are wraps, and they are always full of hummus as a spread and Babybel Cheese among other yummy things. From eating so much Babybel Cheese, I discovered the...
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