New Zealand

This section is purely dedicated to the adventures I’ve been on in New Zealand. I will be documenting the entire trip by way of preparation and post trip. While I wouldn’t expect many people to undertake a multi-day trek consisting of 270kms over 13 days, I think the core principles of organising a multi-day trek still apply, so I genuinely hope those of you who are at that stage, or are looking to get into multi-day hikes will get some value out of this.

We will be documenting everything from why we are doing this, how we are doing it, where will be on certain dates, our respective gear lists, and various other aspects of completing this trip.

huka falls walk
Considered one of the most visited natural attractions in New Zealand, Huka Falls and indeed the Huka Falls Walk is a must if you’re visiting Taupo. Part of the mighty Waikato River, the Huka Falls is a body of intense clear water that emits a blue colour that is a result of the reflecting light...
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tawhai falls walk
Without a doubt one of the shortest hikes in the entire Tongariro National Park, the Tawhai Falls Walk is an easy, little meander through mountain beech forest. Beginning at a small car park located 4km below the Tongariro National Park Visitor Centre on SH48, this is an incredibly easy track to follow. I’d also say...
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whakapapanui track
A short 7km walk located in the Whakapapa Village in the Tongariro National Park, the Whakapapanui Track is an incredibly enjoyable walk under the shelter of the forest. Ideally walked as a return walk starting at either at the Whakapapa Village near the holiday park or at an entrance 3km below the village on SH48,...
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tama lakes track
If the weather turns bad and you’re unable to hike the popular Tongariro Alpine Crossing, a similar alternative would have to be the Tama Lakes Track. Much like a lot of the popular walks in the Tongariro National Park, the near-on 17km Tama Lakes Track starts and ends at the Whakapapa Village. However, in saying...
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waitonga falls track
Much like the Mount Urchin Track, the Waitonga Falls Track is absolutely a hidden gem in the Tongariro National Park. Located in the southern section of the park, and accessible from the ski town of Ohakune, Waitonga Falls is the highest waterfall in the park standing at 39m. Starting on the Ohakune Mountain Road on...
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mount urchin track
Every so often you come across a track in an area that gets plenty of attention but said track gets none of it. This is absolutely the case with the Mount Urchin Track in the Kaimanawa Forest Park. Located opposite the Tongariro National Park, the near-on 8km Mount Urchin Track is the beginning of a...
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taranaki falls track
If you’ve come to the Tongariro National Park in New Zealand, one walk you have to do, aside from the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, is the Taranaki Falls Track. And, aside from the Crossing, it’s probably one of the more popular walks in the area given its location to the Whakapapa Village, its distance and its...
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bridal veil falls
Located in the nearby town of Raglan, and in the wider Waikato area of New Zealand, lies the incredibly underrated Bridal Veil Falls. A short walk which also includes three viewing platforms, Bridal Veil Falls is a 55m waterfall that has over time caused a plunge pool at the base of the waterfall. Starting at...
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new zealand
9am. Monday, January 8th, 2018. It’s go time. After spending 12 days and some 260kms hiking on roads and through forests, experiencing scorching heat and icy cold wind & rain, it was time to finally do what we had come here to do – hike up Mount Ruapehu. After waking up at around 7:30am and...
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Day 12 (January 7th) of our Hobbit-inspired trip in New Zealand would be the final day of hiking before we hit the Mount Ruapehu Walking Track. Check out previous days adventures here: Day 1-2, Day 3-4, Day 5-6, Day 8-9, and Day 10-11. Our morning started off in the mist and gloom of the final...
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