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This section is purely dedicated to all of the hiking in New Zealand I’ve done including several multi-day hikes based on Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (yes, very nerdy, I know!).

Furthermore, whilst we are an Australian-based hiking company, we also run New Zealand hiking tours with our very first adventure to be held on the North Island.

Aside from our New Zealand hiking tours, this page is very much dedicated to all the hikes I’ve ever done in New Zealand.

There are some you will be familiar with, whilst others, in true form for The Hiking Society, you may not be aware of. This is what we want to do – show you the different places that you can go hiking in New Zealand outside of the Great Walks.

hiking gear
This is the second part of the three-part blog series covering the hiking gear I will be using in my upcoming trip to New Zealand. The first part covered what tent, backpack, sleeping system, and sleeping mat I’ll be using. Disclosure: some of the items featured in this list are those I sell through my outdoor...
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I’ve chosen to break this down into a three-part series as there is a fair bit to cover. The next blog in our trek to New Zealand series will be looking at what hiking gear I will be taking with me. So far I’ve written about what food we will be taking, as well as...
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In just over two weeks, my two friends and I will be heading off to New Zealand to hike 270kms from Matamata to the Tongariro National Park. This latest blog article will go through not only the food we will be taking and why, but also the process of how we will be managing our...
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new zealand
Given there are a couple of days in New Zealand where we will be hiking 25-30kms, I thought it might be useful to detail how we are going to tackle these seemingly long days. And do it with ease. Similar to my theory on how to tackle those damn hills, it’s all a mental game...
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So, let’s get into the nitty gritty of where myself, Matt and Keith will be heading to when we hike just over 270kms in New Zealand at the end of the year. As mentioned previously on Facebook, this trip is very much the sequel to our previous NZ trip and is inspired by The Hobbit. But,...
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