mens hiking socks
Disclaimer: these socks were given to Nick Whiley to field test and to provide an unbias review on. Here’s why I’m trying out new socks. I’ve hiked for years but recently have started doing multi days, often at altitude or changing between mountaineering boots, rock climbing shoes and hiking boots. I‘ll tell you what you...
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Brubeck Women's Trekking light Socks
These Brubeck Trekking Light socks are much thinner than any other hiking sock I’ve worn, so I’ll admit I was sceptical as to how supportive and warm they would be. But to my pleasant surprise, these are by far the most comfortable, cosy and breathable socks I’ve ever worn for hiking. Made up of 51%...
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If you’ve been to this website or visited the Facebook and Instagram page recently, you may have noticed that I have opened up an online store. This is one of many changes I’ll be looking to make to the website in 2018 and I thought it would be an ideal time to go into further...
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