Produced and hosted by owner John Feeney, The Pursuit of the Outdoors podcast covers everything from interviewing outdoor bloggers and business owners to discussing all things hiking, camping and outdoors related, and everything else in between.

With five episodes already produced on a previous platform, 2018 sees the rebirth of the podcast on The Hiking Society website with a mission of becoming the go-to outdoor podcast in Australia.

The podcast, much like the blog, exists to further connect the outdoor community together and bring exposure and awareness to brands, business owners, bloggers and people who are doing extraordinary things in the space.

terra roam
There’s plenty of people in the Australian outdoor community that I’m keen on interviewing on this podcast because I genuinely believe that everyone has a unique story to tell. So, when adventure enthusiast Terra Roam contacted me to set up a chat on the podcast, I naturally jumped at the opportunity. And any chat with...
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laura waters bewildered
We’re finally back with a new episode of the Pursuit of the Outdoors podcast and we’ve returned with a fantastic guest – Laura Waters. If you’re not aware of Laura yet, then you will be shortly. She has recently released her first book Bewildered; a story about “leaving everything behind for 3,000km in the wilds...
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In episode 21, I had the opportunity to sit down with outdoor photographer Rob Embury of Pale Blue Dot Photography. We speak about: His origin story as a photographer How his career has progressed in the field Some of the things to consider before taking a photo Why smartphones can be just as effective as...
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In episode 20 of the Pursuit of the Outdoors podcast, I got the opportunity to sit down with Rowan Smith who owns and operates his own business called Summit Strength. A business that Rowan describes as ‘helping amateur trekkers get to the top of the mountain’, he draws on his years of experience as both...
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outdoor podcast
After spending close to 5 years in the Victorian outdoor community, and running one of the biggest outdoor MeetUp groups for a portion of that time, we’ve met many hikers and adventurers of various experience levels who all have their reasons as to why they go hiking. However, there are a number of hikers and...
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jayden ordner
Had the absolute pleasure chatting with one of my Brubeck Australia & New Zealand ambassadors – Jayden Ordner – about his beginnings as a hiker conquering Everest Base Camp to scaling his love of running to completing his first official trail run. If you’re a trail runner or hiker and are just getting into either,...
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tips for beginner hikers
The tables were absolutely turned in this episode of the Pursuit of the Outdoors. After interviewing Andrea from Ladybirds on the Loose, she then interviewed me as we chatted all things tips for beginner hikers such as where to find general hiking information including more specifically track and trails. We also discuss my thoughts on...
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lady birds on the loose
In this episode of the podcast, we were fortunate enough to sit down with founder and main organiser, Andrea Bayliss, for Melbourne all-female outdoor MeetUp group – Ladybirds on the Loose. We talk about her new blog and why she started it, the incredible growth her group is currently experiencing, upcoming events and her thoughts...
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As the MeetUp group has now come to an end after two years, I thought it would be useful to express my thoughts on the last two years and all the wonderful things that the group was able to achieve in such a short period of time. Enjoy the episode! Feel free to follow The...
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water in the outdoors
How much water is too much when you’re in the outdoors? In my opinion, there’s no such thing as too much. With the temperatures set to rise here in Australia over the next 6 months, I thought it would be useful to discuss just how important water is when venturing into the outdoors in the...
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