Produced and hosted by owner John Feeney, The Pursuit of the Outdoors podcast covers everything from interviewing outdoor bloggers and business owners to discussing all things hiking, camping and outdoors related, and everything else in between. With five episodes already produced on a previous platform, 2018 sees the rebirth of the podcast on The Hiking Society website with a mission of becoming the go-to outdoor podcast in Australia. The podcast, much like the blog, exists to further connect the outdoor community together and bring exposure and awareness to brands, business owners, bloggers and people who are doing extraordinary things in the space.

tom dunn

Episode 006: Interview with Tom Dunn

We're finally back for 2018 and I reckon this one is going to be a cracker. I had the opportunity to interview Tom Dunn (@whattomhasdunn); a 22-year-old adventurer who is about to embark on...
werribee gorge

Episode 005: Letting External Incidents Prevent You From Hiking

Recently in Melbourne, a hiker's body was recovered from the popular hiking location Werribee Gorge. Without wanting to speculate over the details of how, why and what, something I did notice on social media...
pursuit of the outdoors podcast

Episode 004: Decisions

In this episode of the Pursuit of the Outdoors podcast, I discuss decision making in the outdoors. Right now in Melbourne, we are copping a heavy downfall of rain which has kept everyone from...
melbourne girls outside

Episode 003: What To Pack For A Day Hike Melbourne Girls Outside

In this episode, I got to chat with a few ladies from the female only outdoor group - Melbourne Girls Outside - about all things day hiking gear. From day packs to food &...
pursuit of the outdoors podcast

Episode 002: Interview With Tristan O’Brien of 1900 Footprints

In this episode, we chat with outdoor enthusiast Tristan O'Brien. He is currently walking 1900kms from Adelaide to Tasmania for his campaign - 1900 Footprints where he aims to raise money for the 1900...
the pursuit of the outdoors podcast

Episode 001: The Pursuit of the Outdoors Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of the Pursuit of the Outdoors podcast where producer and host, John Feeney, discusses what the podcast is about and the type of content you can expect. Our aim with...